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How to Effectively Approach the Cooler Market – Part 2

The 4 Main Reasons Why People DO NOT Get Involved With You!
Several years ago, the results of a multi-million dollar research changed the paradigm of the direct selling industry. 200,000 consumers in the US and Canadian Markets were asked the question:
“Why, when presented with a quality product, service, or business idea, do you not purchase, or get involved?”
All 200,000 answers could be filtered into 4 Main Reasons:
1. Lack of Trust – 76% 2. Lack of Need – 14% 3. Lack of Solution – 6% 4. Lack of Urgency – 4%
Lack of Trust – “I don’t know whether you are the right person, or this is the right company with whom to become involved.”
Lack of Need – “I’m happy where I am — not looking for anything right now.”
Lack of Solution – “I don’t see how your solution (business) will help me.”
Lack of Urgency – “I want to think about this – Maybe later.”
Once it was recognized that 76% of people did not get involved in a product, service, or business idea, because of a Lack of Trust – a roadmap, or blueprint, on how to more effectively assist more people make a positive decision to become involved emerged!
Here’s The Enrolment Roadmap:
The Obstacles again:
1, Lack of Trust – 76% 2. Lack of Need – 14% 3. Lack of Solution – 6% 4. Lack of Urgency – 4%
The Enrolment Phases is how we get through each obstacle:
1. Relating – Building Trust & Rapport 2. Discovery – Problems, Needs, Objectives 3. Presenting – the Solution (Business) 4. Gaining Commitment – (Not Compliance!)
Needless to say, LACK OF TRUST is the No.1 REASON why people DO NOT become involved with You, Yur Opportunity, or your Company.
Simply recognizing this fact, and then committing to learning how to establish Trust/Rapport quickly will reward you powerfully in the people business!
Research tells us that the main reason behind people not trusting us is that we are more concerned with what we are trying to get out of the relationship, than we are in asking questions to discover whether there is a genuine need or objective that the other person wants to satisfy or reach, and, that our business solution can help them with.
When dealing with a LACK OF TRUST we must also remember that we are only dealing with the “perceptions” of other people. Meaning, if someone does not Trust us, our opportunity, or our company, this does not mean we, our opportunity, or our company, are untrustworthy; it is simply their opinion, or perception.
This is important to understand when learning the skill of approaching anyone, anywhere, at any time!
What other people think of you, or your opportunity, is none of your business!
Let’s quit there for now. Part 3 of this Training is a critical one. We will be looking at MINDSET and PHILOSOPHY! My most favourite learning that made me the most money in NM!

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Make Money Working From Home – From a Hobby?

You will want to consider a few things before you start your own business. With some application, you will be able to make profits by doing things that interest you.
The first step is to evaluate whether or not making money from your hobby or interest will be profitable.
Where your hobby involves making a product, such as pottery, you may be able to sell your creations directly.
Remember, do not limit yourself, you may well be able to sell the services associated with your hobby, as well as the product itself.
For example, if you like mushrooms, get some spores and grow them in your shed from home, and sell them to your local greengrocer, or directly online.
There are unlimited possibilities, if you use your imagination., write an e book on how to grow mushrooms, and sell it online, or if you want to take it to an extreme, open a restaurant that specializes in mushroom dishes.
The point I am trying to make is that the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
It is important to accept that you will need to provide resources to turn your hobby or Interest into a sustainable business.
Is your idea sustainable?
The best way to establish this, is market research, talk to local business people, family, friends, experts in the field, and do some online research.
After you establish that your idea is a good one, use the power of the internet as an efficient tool.
You will be able to source articles and e books, that cover everything from how to start and develop your business, right through to production and marketing.
The internet is a powerful marketing tool, opening your business to a worldwide market, many people have had excellent success with the likes of Amazon, or eBay.
The idea here is not to limit your thought process to the fact that although your hobby or interest is something you love to do, does not mean you can not turn it into a sustainable business.
It is also important to start off small, so that your growth does not use up all your available cash, and that your supply can keep up with the demand.
The first act of changing a hobby or interest into a sustainable business, is to write a business plan to ensure that important elements are not overlooked, and that you establish clear goals. This will enable you to measure progress and clearly identify results.

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Work From Home Ideas For People With Interesting Hobbies

You know that interest of yours you’ve had for years? It could be gardening, crystal chandeliers or model airplanes; but whatever it is, it has always been a hobby – something you only do in your spare time. It may even have cost you quite a bit of money over the years – maybe more than you like to admit. But guess what? You hobby could become a source of income for you – perhaps even a living. How? Simple: Write about it online and get paid doing it. Here are 3 work from home ideas for people with interesting hobbies:
Sell ebooks online about your hobby
Are you into orchids? Aren’t they difficult to grow? I bet a lot of people would like to hear of your experiences with growing orchids. You probably have tons of gardening books yourself; books which you have paid tons of money for. Why not write one yourself? Put all your knowledge about orchids into your favorite word-processor, add pictures you take with your digital camera, convert it all to a PDF, and you’re done! Now set up a small web-shop and sell downloads of your eBook to other orchid fans like yourself. You can set your price at anything you want – 1$, 100$. It doesn’t matter, since you have next to no expenses associated with offering it for sale, and since you score all of the profit. Other people who write books have to share their income with a publisher, an agent, the book store, etc. Basically though, you can write an eBook about anything. It could be boating, model railways, coin collecting. Anything that might attract an audience could be turned into a profitable ebook.
Sell artwork online
Do you paint, sculpt, knit, etc – in your spare time? Do you think someone would be prepared to pay money for your art? Then why not set up an online art store and sell your goods? No need to make friends with gallery owners (or to keep being rejected by them). Just set up a store and go out in the many art forums on the web and spread the word about yourself. Or take advantage of some of the already existing online marketplaces for arts and crafts, and instantly reach huge audiences by selling your art there.
Become an online expert
Set up an informative blog about some subject you know well. Write articles full of valuable information on that subject, trade links with other bloggers in your subject domain and get a lot of search traffic. Then earn money by displaying relevant ads on your blog. This way, you’re not selling anything, you don’t have to provide any service, give refunds, etc. You just provide the information and let your visitors decide if they want to click on an ad or not. Just make sure your articles contain some of the search terms that might be used by someone looking for the sort of information you provide. If someone searches for “British racing green” but you only have the word “green” on your site – you may not be found by that searcher, although your site is probably relevant to him. Getting targeted traffic is the key to making money on ads.
Now that you have a few ideas of how to work from home, you can start brainstorming your own internet business plan. You won’t get rich overnight, but if you have ever wanted to make your hobby your living, then this is what you have been waiting for. Do a lot of work every day and make it your job, or do a little and make it your retirement fund.

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Plan, Plan, Plan, and Then Run a Business

Whether it is about starting a large-scale industrial business unit, or a small-scale home-based venture, a business plan would remain significant in ensuring success. It is said that one who fails to plan, actually plans to fail.
Planning gives a proper guideline, a roadmap, and an action plan to be followed. If planned, implemented, and controlled adequately; there’s no doubt that the business would flourish.
The biggest tool in this regard is a Business Plan. Although there is no standard format for a business plan because the contents depend largely upon the type of business it is written for. However, some major contents are found nearly in almost every business plan. This may prove beneficial for those who prefer to plan before jumping into an action mode.
Following is a business plan tailored specifically for small home-based ventures.
Cover Sheet
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Body of the Document
Operating procedures
Capital investment and supply list
Financial statements
Legally required documents of business owner(s)
Crucial for Success
Many people have witnessed the disaster that no planning or poor planning brought over their business projects. No matter how great an idea may look before implementation, even a minor planning error may ruin the entire business concept.
A business plan possesses a critical role and determines the success of a business. It is important because it:
Clarifies direction
Provides future vision
Attracts financing
Attracts team members
Gives the business a proper structure
Question Yourself!
One of the most important contents from the above listed business plan is the ‘Business’ section. With reference to the business plan of a small home-based business, this section holds the highest degree of importance, as it sets the foundation stone of how the business would actually look.
This is the time to answer the 5 W’s and an H in order to get a clearer business idea and get ready to implement it. Answer questions like:
Why am I starting a business?
What kind of business do I want?
What products/services will my business provide?
What is my target market?
Who is my competition?
What is unique about my business idea and the products and services?
What type of suppliers do I need to contact?
When and where will I house my business?
How soon will it take before my products/services are available?
How will I price my product compared to my competition?
How will I manage my business?
How many employees will I need to start up?

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Pet Sitting Business – A Growing Business

There are over 6 million households in Canada who own a pet or two. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets, while dogs are the most favoured dogs among pet owners primarily because dogs are most affectionate.
It used to be that when pet owners go away on holiday, they would leave their pets with a neighbour, relative or friend, or with a kennel service. However, many families do not live close to each other and kennels can be quite expensive while not necessarily providing a happy atmosphere for pets. Thus, a new service business of pet sitting and pet walking is born.
Today, the pet sitting service has become a mature business. NAPPS, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters provide publications, training videos, insurance information, and other business resources for its members. Canadian equivalent of such an association is the All Canadian Pet Service Network. Typical pet sitting fees are $15 for a one-to-one 15 minute pee break, $20 for a 20 minute pee break. Group walks are also available at lower rates. Clients are not limited to pet owners on vacations. Some stay-at-home pet owners book 2 to 3 services a week for extra relief from walking their pets. Typically, the owner would leave house keys to the pet sitting service, and the sitters would come to the house and take the pets out for a walk. Reputable pet sitting services run a criminal check on their pet sitter employees and provide insurance bonding. Some pet sitting service also offer dog obedience training and puppy potty training as well.
My husband and I had the unfortunate experience of having to care for a pet while her owners went away for a holiday. The first night, we both forgot that we had the dog, and left our front door open. It was not until four hours later than we remembered we were caring for the dog, and had to have a search party. Luckily, we found the dog. She had wandered away to the neighbour’s yard, and was crying. The dog felt so lonely while staying with us, and wouldn’t eat for the first two days. After our valiant efforts in entertaining her and giving her a lot of pats and talk, she finally warmed up and felt comfortable.
After this episode, I have learned not to take care of somebody’s dog and will gladly refer them to a pet sitting service. I am sure many non-pet owners felt the same way. In fact, many pet sitting services sell gift certificates which make ideal presents for all occasions.
Dogs are social animals, and love company. They also need daily walks and exercises at least once, and preferably twice a day. Without proper attention, dogs can be destructive and manifest behavioral problems. Older arthritic dogs who are not so agile, may not adjust well to new surroundings. If you are travelling and will be away from your pet, consider giving your pets quality care by using a pet sitting service.
If you love pets and want to start your own business, consider a pet sitting service. It can be run from home, and has low startup costs. Several add-on products such as dog accessories, and dog food can also bring in additional income. Here’s another plus! This type of jobs cannot be outsourced to a third world country.