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Starting A Business

How to Make Side Money Where You Live, And For A Long Time

How many ways are there to earn extra money at or near your home? There are a lot! This article will share with you the one and only way that you can earn side money around where you live, for a long time.
Are you SICK of the internet? They say you can start selling things on your own website. However, few can do it. Even if you succeed it’s hard, and boring.
They try to make you think affiliate marketing, drop shipping and auctions will “win the day.” All can work from home but not for long, unless you can “crown the monkey” when you first start. However it’s a tough learning curve. Some people learn quickly. Some learn slowly.
So what’s left? MLM – network marketing.
Network marketing has a lot to do with marketing. It is similar to affiliate marketing, YouTube marketing and other marketing on social websites. Network marketing gives options – it can help people like you and I. We can make side money at home by leveraging our efforts.
Network marketing or MLM has the advantage of giving you income as you get older, without having to work as hard as when you were young. I personally made an average of $18,000 a month for 2.5 years with network marketing – much of that time I didn’t have to lift a finger to get paid. Sadly, my income declined and today, I make $200 a month from my network marketing company.
The facts are: To build sustainable income, you must provide value, all the time. You have probably been pestered by someone you know, trying to get you to join a network marketing enterprise, business or scheme. How many of these people have made an income for a very long time with MLM or network marketing? I’m guessing: Very, very, few.
The main thing here is to realize this: A skill learned will earn for you, as long as you apply that skill.” Learn a valuable skill, and connect with your customers – you’ll get rich in the process.
If you find the right Mentor, you will be able to learn how to market that skill online and offline. You’ll also be taught to establish relationships with your customers, and how to generate referral business on your own – that’s when your current customer tells others they should buy your product, or use your service.
Why is learning a skill important? Well, you can make money cleaning trash cans (really) and there is nothing wrong with that. However, when you’re standing in a room with 99 or 999 other people, and someone says (for example) “My iPhone is broken, who can fix it?” – and you’re the only one who can fix it, who will get that job? Certainly not the guy who cleans trash cans, right? Now, take the same situation, and make the required skill trash can cleaning – how many people in the room can clean a trash can?
What else can a real and rare skill do for you? Your skill will get you recognition, admiration, and even a little jealousy from people who would like to have your skill. Oh yeah, a skill can make you money. For example, iPhone repair people make $50,000 to $100,000 a year. And I forgot this one – they (and most skilled trades people) don’t have a BOSS! (How is a boss like a diaper?)
As you can see, earning extra money at home in the long run by learning and marketing a proven, viable skill, can make you a lot of money. First – do your homework before starting out in any Home Based Business opportunity out there.

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Financial News

Perfect Gift – The Fifth Stage of Seven to Believe in an Idea

The concept is born, and the seed of faith to believe in an idea is sown. Energy is applied to it, and like the seedling struggling to reach the light, work and action is required for it to break through the soil of resistance.
Once the seedling emerges into the light, it endures the many tests that nature brings, designed to increase its size and strength, as the young plant seeks to overcome the obstacles of competition for light and nutrients, as well as the seasonal threats to its survival.
After a few years, it becomes stable and begins to bear fruit. The first year of bearing, the fruit is small in size and number; the second a little larger, a little more. In time, it reaches the point where all things are working together for the good, and the fruit tree, as it has now truly become, bears the ‘perfect gifts’ and bequeaths them to the owner who, at the beginning, first sowed the seed.
It is the same with ideas. All good ideas go through the stages necessary for the growth of the idea, essential for it to develop in strength and size. Without these, it will not bear fruit in abundance. Just like the fruit tree, when an idea has weathered storms, overcome all obstacles, resisted all threats, and established a place for itself in the world, it will finally begin to bear fruit – the first stage of blessing.
Having moved through conception, action, testing and endurance, the idea is now in the ‘Perfect Gift’ stage of its evolution. In other words, the owner of the idea can now begin to enjoy the fruits of his or her labors.
The idea now looks great and tastes delicious, and the energy derived from it increases the desire of the owner to have, and to do, even more.
Satisfaction is experienced as the perfect gift returns a manifold increase to the owner, who sacrificed their time and energy to bring it to maturity and fruition. This perfect gift is enjoyment, blessing and reward, for all the effort invested into it. This stage is the goal, for all the trial and toil invested in the idea.
No longer necessary to endure trial or to struggle, the idea will now need only to be maintained, to be overseen, to be guided. With relative ease in comparison to the earlier stages, the idea will continue to bear fruit and bring reward, and with far less effort.
Sure, the owner will go on investing energy into the idea, to ensure that it maintains the course that was set before it, and continually returns to the owner the fruit they now enjoy. They work a little here and a little there, but in no way near the toil of before.
Now, the idea labors with the one who conceived it, and is a partner to the one who brought it into existence and saw it through the trials of its establishment. Now, the idea has momentum and is a force in itself. Now, the idea is mature and ready to produce after its own kind, to inspire even greater ideas that are in harmony with it.
Now, the idea is so strong that the owner can consider a time of rest, a time of reflection, a time to meditate. Soon the owner will find themselves in the privileged position to rest in an increase of greater faith, a time to consider new possibilities that will springboard onto that which is bigger, better, brighter, more!

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Business Checks

Beware of Volunteer Business Consultants Telling You Your Business Idea Can’t Work

I’d like to tell you a little story, not because I am good at story-telling, but because I think it’s important if you are considering starting a business. Look here is the deal, many folks will tell you that your business idea, concept, or new business model can’t work, but how would they know that? Have they ever tried it? No, most likely not. If they had, you should listen to all their wisdom, advice, and experience, but if not which generally usually the case, take that advice with a grain of salt.
Let me explain. You see, I was told my business model wouldn’t work by a SCORE counselor long ago, I didn’t listen, and my business idea did work. In fact, I franchised it in 23 states! You know, I was explaining this to a friend the other day, another Franchising Company President, and I said; “I sometimes wonder how many people they’d dissuaded – because the SCORE counselor was from the Corporate Side of business and was fully-retired and out of the game, after the game had changed, and just didn’t understand Main Street.”
Another thing, you know as a franchisor I learned early on that the franchisees I thought would be a “Sure Success” and no-brainer, didn’t always succeed, and those I kicked myself for even letting into our system – succeeded well beyond ANYONE’s expectations.
There is a real lesson there for the “personality psychology tests” – and when it all comes down to brass tacks – it is human “Will” and intent – belief – perseverance and personal character that determines success or failure; that is if the business model is a winner too.
Yes, franchisors often use the personality type tests, but they are only a component of any matrix for franchisee placement that I’d use, there is just more to it than that. Well, at least the way I see it. Well, I am sorry for carrying on in this way, but you see I just LOVE Franchising, I could talk about it for 100s of hours and not get tired of it.
And I am a believer – I believe in capitalism – and I believe franchising is the BEST business model ever created in the history of humankind. We should franchise the World – maybe it would get along better! Indeed, I hope to leave you with those thoughts today, and hope you will consider all this and think on it.

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Business Letter

Starting a Handmade Business

Choosing the right product or service to sell can be one of the most important things to consider when you’re starting your handmade business. Having a product that stands out can set you apart in a room full of crafters and get your company the attention it needs to strive. When you go to craft shows and farmers markets you can usually find a similar selection of vendors at each market. There’s a million people out there selling jewelry but the ones that make the headlines and sales are the ones who have found a niche and focused on it. Find something that will be your signature and think of it each time you are creating a new product or line.
But how do you find a niche that will set you apart from all the other designers? First you should look at your personal interests. If you’re trying to follow a trend or mimic another successful designer, you’re always going to be playing catch up. Start with a product or style that you love; chances are you’ll know enough about it without hours of research. Not to mention you’ll enjoy creating it, which will come across in the end product. Techniques can be taught and perfected over time, but you can’t change your likes or dislikes. People always excel in areas they have an interest in.
Now that you’ve chosen a product to make that you’re passionate about, think of how you can make it stand out. Adding your personal style to it is a start but you may need to go one step further. Does your product have a subcategory that you can focus on and really make it great? Instead of trying to make a product that will appeal to everyone or carry a large selection of items, try to tap into a smaller more specific market. You might not be able to make a customer out of every person who visits your table, but you will build a name for yourself as the expert in your niche market.
Combining your passion for a product with the right market will set your company up so it can hit the ground running. What’s really great about the vendors at markets is the fact that everyone brings their own unique style to the table. It’s not so much about keeping up with the trends as it is about starting your own. Crafters aren’t looking over their shoulder to see what their competitors are doing; they’re focusing on their talent and making products that come straight from their heart.

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Business Insider

Doing What You Want to Do to Make Money at Home

There are so many people who are looking for advice from all sorts on how to proceed when trying to make money at home with their own business ideas. It is too bad that so much of this advice is either ill willed, or just bad advice from someone who means well. Ultimately, the choices you make will only affect you and those you are responsible for, not your friends, business colleagues, or neighbors. Make the choice because it is what you want to do, not because others think you should do it.
How many horror stories have we all heard about people who listened to others, knowing what the right choice would have been, only to fail because they thought someone else had a better handle on a specific business idea or more experience. The fact is that if your heart is not in it, you will most likely fail at it. This rings true in all aspects of life whether it is trying to make money at home or in a marriage. So stay with your gut feeling if you believe you have a good idea to market a product or service, and stop listening to your neighbors, friends, and people at the local coffee shop.
We all know that venturing out into an unknown place is scary, but listening to those who haven’t been where you are about to go will not help you either. If you were walking in the darkness and had two people hollering at you, one from behind you and another in front of you about the dangers ahead, who would you listen to? My money would be on the person in front of you who has already been down the path, not the one still not as far up the path as you. So ultimately, if you are going to listen to anyone, listen to those who have been down the road you are about to travel.
In the world of business there are so many shades of gray that can all lead to success, or failure. Sometimes two people can have the same exact idea and one will fail and the other will succeed just due to slight differences in how they marketed their idea, where they allocated their resources, and how well they budgeted their costs. Subtle differences could set the tone for your business life, and be your ticket to success.