3 Contributing Factors to Car Crashes

A car accident is nothing to shrug off. While some may result in all the parties walking away without injury or damage, others are so severe, the parties must be taken away to the hospital. Some factors contribute to car accidents more than others. Get to know these three things that may make it more likely that an accident occurs.

  1. Human Element

The leading contributing factor to car accidents is the people who drive them. People make mistakes behind the wheel that may cause accidents. Things like misjudging distance when changing lanes increase the likelihood of a crash. However, the overwhelming contributing element is a poor choice. People’s choices both on the road and before they get in the vehicle contribute to auto accidents Baltimore MD. Things like:

  • Speeding
  • Texting
  • Drinking and driving
  • Beating a yellow light
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Taking medication that makes you drowsy
  1. Mechanical Failure

Big truck accidents are some of the worst. One of the most significant contributing factors in this kind of accident is mechanical failure. When large trucks lose their brakes or control of the steering wheel, they tend to careen out of control before coming to rest. Another factor that can cause accidents, in both trucks and vehicles, is a blown tire. This can happen with the tire pressure is too low or something becomes stuck in the tread.

  1. Weather Conditions

While there are some things, like your choices that you can change, there are others that you can’t. The weather can play an important role in an accident. Slick or slippery roads make it harder for vehicles to stop suddenly. Ice can make it challenging to steer and stay on point. Before setting out on an optional trip, you may want to check the weather and change your plans accordingly.

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Car crashes will continue to happen, but you may be able to help yourself stay out of the scene by making better choices behind the wheel, checking your car’s tires and brakes, and driving in better weather.