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Ways on Using Bots for Conversation Marketing for Business and Sales

Chatbot has evolved dramatically in the past years, thanks to the AI or Artificial Intelligence and NLP or natural language processing that helps power these platforms. They are now a very sophisticated and versatile tool that helps business owners automate several business processes.

Aside from being an excellent tool that helps customer care inquiries, Artificial intelligence-powered bots can be a part of every company’s marketing strategy and help them push customers without problems through their sales funnel. Listed below are some ways these platforms can fit into a company’s marketing strategy

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Offer audience a more personalized experience

Having interactions with people who know you by your name can completely change the nature of the conversation. These bots incorporate with social media platform gathering information about every person with whom they interact. When users have an inquiry, the bot can help answer them correctly and take the discussion a step further by telling customers personalized shopping advice that is based on their preferences and purchase history.

Large engagement capacity

These platforms are special because they don’t only engage with their customers; they also retain past customers. It means that not like other marketing techniques, they keep customers entertained. For example, let us say that you catch your target market’s attention with a quality video.

While the video can be very engaging, once it ends, it does not have more to offer. These platforms can catch your target market’s attention and learn from these interactions, allowing them to send important information when it comes to the company’s brand, services and products. Essentially, it is able to up-sell or cross-sell in a conversational, engaging, and personalized way.

Reach more audience

Since these platforms are usually found on social media messaging applications, they are able to reach out to virtually limitless target market. They can reach new customer groups for your brand by getting in touch with new demographics.

They can also be integrated all over multiple messaging platforms, making your company more readily available to help every customer that needs your attention. In turn, this opens a new opportunity for your company to increase its sales revenue.

Gather and analyze consumer feedback and information

These bots offer the perfect chance for your company to help gather feedback and information from your target market. Unless there is a motivation to do so, people do not want to spend their entire time completing surveys. A chatbot can soften the approach to collect feedback and information by naturally introducing various questions on conversations.

Additionally, with the learning tools, your bots can analyze all the feedback and information it gathers from the user, giving your company an idea on what your target market truly wants. From there, companies can remodel their marketing strategy to be more focused on the customer’s needs, thus making more of an inbound marketing approach.

Send important notifications

Customers do not want to be flooded with text messages, emails and other notifications each time something noteworthy happens when it comes to the brands, products, or services. Since these bots are able to collect and analyze information, they are also able to send a more personalized notification through social media platforms that are important to every user.

Make communicating with the brand more fun and engaging

While it is no secret that these platforms can deliver quality and the essential information to the consumers, they are also able to make the interactions more fun. An excellent example of this is Whole Foods’ AI bots. It allows consumers to look for delicious recipes through social media platforms like Facebook Messenger using a simple emoji.

This kind of chatbots will make your marketing strategy more interactive and fun, leaving a long-lasting impact on your target market. It can also help increase the number of traffic going to your website by sharing links to your company’s relevant blog posts or contents.

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Automatically make brands more driven

Usually, brands have a more passive approach to all customer interactions. Companies only communicate with the consumer once a customer has contacted their messaging platform first. The chatbot will automatically send welcome notifications when people arrive on the website, or the company’s social media account, making users aware of your bot’s presence.

It makes the business owners more driven, thus enhancing their brand’s reputation and even increase customer interactions, having a more positive effect on the sales revenue.

Move your consumers seamlessly through your company’s sales funnel

Nurturing your leads is an integral part of every business marketing strategy. The bad news is, it is very time-consuming. Chatbots will allow your business to gather the data that you need to design and create a personalized message that can help guide your target market through their journey to buying products or availing services.

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3 Contributing Factors to Car Crashes

A car accident is nothing to shrug off. While some may result in all the parties walking away without injury or damage, others are so severe, the parties must be taken away to the hospital. Some factors contribute to car accidents more than others. Get to know these three things that may make it more likely that an accident occurs.

  1. Human Element

The leading contributing factor to car accidents is the people who drive them. People make mistakes behind the wheel that may cause accidents. Things like misjudging distance when changing lanes increase the likelihood of a crash. However, the overwhelming contributing element is a poor choice. People’s choices both on the road and before they get in the vehicle contribute to auto accidents Baltimore MD. Things like:

  • Speeding
  • Texting
  • Drinking and driving
  • Beating a yellow light
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Taking medication that makes you drowsy
  1. Mechanical Failure

Big truck accidents are some of the worst. One of the most significant contributing factors in this kind of accident is mechanical failure. When large trucks lose their brakes or control of the steering wheel, they tend to careen out of control before coming to rest. Another factor that can cause accidents, in both trucks and vehicles, is a blown tire. This can happen with the tire pressure is too low or something becomes stuck in the tread.

  1. Weather Conditions

While there are some things, like your choices that you can change, there are others that you can’t. The weather can play an important role in an accident. Slick or slippery roads make it harder for vehicles to stop suddenly. Ice can make it challenging to steer and stay on point. Before setting out on an optional trip, you may want to check the weather and change your plans accordingly.

Car crashes will continue to happen, but you may be able to help yourself stay out of the scene by making better choices behind the wheel, checking your car’s tires and brakes, and driving in better weather.

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Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a New York Tax Accountants

If you are an entrepreneur or owns a business, and you are on a hunt for a New York City accountant, congratulation, it is a sign that your business is growing. It is also a smart move if entrepreneurs are thinking about the financial side of your business.

According to the latest survey conducted on 400 business owners, accountants are ranked as the most important profession in their company. From a potential tax saving to a more improved flow of cash, accountants are worth the investment if businesses find the right one that suits your needs. Before hiring a New York City accountant, ask these simple questions.

What is accounting? Visit to find out more.

Are you a Certified Public Accountant?

The answer we are looking for here is yes, the accountants all businesses need to hire should be a certified public accountant. It is the first thing and the most critical question you need to ask. You deserve a New York City accountant that is also a CPA passer.

Anybody can enter numbers into software like TurboTax or QuickBooks, but that is not real tax services, and accounting looks like. The actual accounting work begins before taxes are due. It is about making the right and smart decisions.

These decisions are better if it comes from certified professionals that will help grow you grow your brand or business. When it comes to handling your business finances, there are four basic types of certified professionals that you can hire. They are listed from least to most effectively.

A lot of startups or new companies see money when they think about hiring New York tax accountants. They chose to manage their finances and taxes themselves. The Do-It-Yourself approach can be very tempting, but it is a risky move. Do people know this year’s new tax code?

Not only that, time is precious, and for business owners, it is money. Take out your pen and paper and perform some simple math. List down how much hourly rate you want for your services. Maybe these professionals have a higher price compared to what regular company initially are asking for.

But they can be very thorough with their job and can do it in half the time. Not only that, it is better if you spend your precious time looking for ideas on how to grow your business instead of crunching numbers and thinking of financial and tax issues of your company. Do not be cheap and foolish.


Bookkeepers are professionals who keep the company’s books. Entrepreneurs hand over their invoices, receipts, and bank statements. They record all these transactions manually or by using software like QuickBooks. They can track account receivables and payables, process payroll, and handle forms like 1099.


A New York City accountant who knows how to do all things related to a company’s finances and taxes. They prepare essential reports that are needed for taxes, as well as analyze a company’s finances.

Visit this site to find out more about CPA.

Certified Public Accountant or CPA

If you want the most bang for your money, you need to hire an accountant that is at least a CPA board passer. You know the reason why? These professionals, with CPA under their name have gone through a lot of training, and they are licensed by the State of New York to perform accounting services.

Only a CPA or a tax lawyer officially represents companies when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. To the Internal Revenue Service professionals that are not CPA board passer are unenrolled preparers. Most CPAs have bookkeepers working for them; that is why it is a one-stop-shop. Clients do not need to hire a separate bookkeeper.

What is your asking price?

If entrepreneurs ask these professionals about their asking price and they give it to them without hesitation, it is buyer beware. An excellent certified professional will first set up an initial in-person or at least a phone consultation to assess their needs. Then they will provide a structured fee based on the customer’s financial capabilities.

If they give a price that is too good to be true, it may be too good to be true. Companies will not be getting the right professional that suit their needs. It would be best if they found a more proactive accountant that is always looking over their shoulder.

Professionals that are always looking for any tax payables and receivables or someone who advises companies to restructure their business to free up their cash flow. Beware of professionals who lowball their clients over the phone. They may be trying to bait businesses to enter the door where the dimes and nickels are found.

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What You Need To know About Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit?

There are a lot of people who don’t want to purchase car insurance policies. However, the fact that it is a requirement and law in various states make you buy one. Nevertheless, car insurance which can be referred to as property insurance is essentially good for you to have as a backup because you never knew when the unforeseen incident might happen on the road. As a result, you should look towards the policies that feel reasonable to you. Today, you are given an option of very cheap car insurance no deposit. It means that you can acquire auto insurance by paying no money up front. At this juncture, we will walk you through certain things that you must know about such plans.

Here is what you should know about such plans

No Deposit Plans Exist

Many people say that there is nothing such as very cheap car insurance no deposit and you are always required to pay something up front. Well, it is not necessarily the case. There are considerable numbers of companies that you will find on the internet, selling you cheap car insurances. Some of them may ask you not to pay any upfront payment when you are finalizing a deal with them. So, you get a chance to avoid the hefty fees upfront and you end up purchasing a policy that feels good to you.

You Don’t Necessarily Have to Pay Thousands of Dollars to Buy a Policy

The vast majority of the general population hesitates in purchasing an insurance policy just because they know that they will have to pay thousands of dollars as upfront payment. All things considered, with the modern-day options, you have a chance of both no deposit as well as minimal deposit car insurance. For instance, a $20 down payment car insurance is a minimal deposit option, and when contrasted with alternate policies where you are required to pay huge thousands of dollars, it seems, by all accounts, to be a no deposit too.

Decent Options for Risky Drivers

There are considerable measures of people who drive unsafe. While it is never something worth being applauded, we recommend you to be on the more secure side, there are occasions when you are late or have an emergency. In this event, you may drive with an adrenaline surge and there are chances that you end up missing. It prompts DUI or poor driving record and for such individuals, the insurance rates get really high. Be that as it may, if you consider surfing the internet, you may locate a reasonable policy for high-risk drivers tailored to your need.

Even Young Individuals Are Insured For Cheap

People that are under 25 years old, when buying an insurance policy, the companies see them as a gem. Hence, they would target such individuals and ask high rates from them making things very uncomfortable for the individual who is getting the insurance. Being a young person, you may pay for your car insurance all alone and might not have enough to pay for a high-cost policy. In any case, the very cheap car insurance no deposit plans got you covered here. Indeed! You also can have cheap car insurance.

It is Legal

In conclusion, discussing the car insurance, several individuals question that they are not legal and you have got the opportunity to pay an upfront payment to make an insurance policy legal. Indeed, shouldn’t something be said about paying $10 or $20 as upfront? Without a doubt, it makes your policy almost a no deposit one and you get covered on legitimate grounds as well. Furthermore, there are some no deposit plans that won’t ask anything from you and still, they would shape policy in a way that it would be faultlessly lawful for you. In any case, bear in mind to check for the law of your state.

It is Simple

You are not required to go to the agents neither do you need to take out time and go to different companies to get some answers concerning their insurance policies. Simply turn your internet connection and locate some great plans. Compare these plans with each other to see which one is most appealing and best suit your needs. Once there, you can simply go ahead and consult with the company and get yourself insured.
Thus, these are a couple of things about very cheap car insurance no deposit plans. Ensure that you get yourself covered properly. Exam the agreement and read the points of interest no less than twice before signing for the policy.

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5 Dangers of Being Blinded by Your Startup ‘Baby’

Your entrepreneurially minded friend has this all too familiar sparkle in their eyes. You know it’s coming so you settle in your seat and prepare for the pitch. Then it comes – another idea, neither too exciting nor disruptive. But your friend continues pushing. A month later, a mock website is up and running.  A few weeks later, Facebook and Twitter campaigns are unleashed. By the end of the second month, an investor’s deck has been constructed and graphic tees (with quirky logos of course) have been sent to the printing vendor. A startup has been born, albeit quite hastily.

What is the actual problem here? Some would argue that if one has the resources, creative capacity, and perseverance, then he/she should go ahead and make their dream a reality. After all, investors invest in the person(s) behind the startup… right? While the latter is true to some extent, herein lies the problem: Obsessing over founding a startup can often blind us in terms of actually creating something of substance, of true value to the consumer/end user.

So here is my list of five dangers that often accompany such overzealous entrepreneurs:

(1)  Igniting Unnecessary Competition Early On: At this point in the startup’s development, there are low entry barriers. If you try to over-populate social media and PR outlets with your new, underexplored venture, you may soon realize that your friendly neighbours from Technion think they can create a better product than you can. Guess what? They probably learned from your mistakes and are now refining their offering.

(2) Cockiness: Please excuse my forwardness, but this is just most fitting. You know who I am referring to – those people with their head held way too high, the ones who barely look at you at networking or pitch events. All these behaviours and they have yet to realize true product-market fit.

My advice: ditch the act and never underestimate the power of modesty. This is no way suggests that confidence doesn’t add a much needed boost in our daily lives. Rather, I am arguing that wanting desperately to be an ‘influencer’ does not mean you can’t also be well received. Who knows, an attitude change may even serve to help impress potential investors.

(3)  Early disappointment: Without a clear value proposition, your startup may soon fade away, leaving not much behind. While you will undoubtedly learn from your experience, negative feelings may soon surface, which may further inhibit your future success. Disappointment occurs in many well-developed startups, but in this case, yours may have been unfortunately foreshadowed due to an overly ambitious timeline.

(4) Running out of money… fast: Though quite obvious, this one must be mentioned. Whether it is your parent’s money or your personally acquired wealth, losing money is never fun. This can not only damage your ego, but can directly limit your ability to start your next venture. After all, rent in Tel-Aviv isn’t getting any cheaper. Ideally, try to spend more time cultivating your idea, pivoting when necessary, and build a sustainable product.

(5) Irrelevancy: This is probably the most significant of all the listed dangers – Creating a startup just for the sake of seeing your name appear on CrunchBase, without a clear value proposition. I invite both all wannabe entrepreneurs and current startup founders to read about the Lean Startup movement, how to simplify leadership styles and customer development process before diving into the startup world. Following Steve Blank, Bob Dorf and Eric Ries on LinkedIn would be a solid start.

So what’s the bottom line?

Many people are actively seeking a way to own or lead something, whether by building a new startup or a better competitor to an existing service. While this drive is well understood and appreciated, especially in the Israeli startup ecosystem, it should not blindly guide you into launching a venture to prove to yourself (or to others) that you are an innovator. Phew, now having said all this, go on and create something meaningful!