Bedroom Closet Storage Systems Give You the Space You Need

Bedroom Closet Storage Systems Give You the Space You Need

When you just bought your home you may have been satisfied with your storage space, but now you realize that your master bedroom closet is a jumbled mess. You may or may not have bought a home with an enormous space for clothes, but you can create and organize your space quickly and without spending a huge amount of money. Before doing anything, go through your closet and determine what you will keep and what you will toss, give away, sell or donate to charity.

Bedroom closet storage systems on the market today include shelving, hangers, hanging organizers, storage units and racks. A general rule of thumb is to allocate 25% of your closet space for shelves and drawers, 25% for long clothes and 50% for low-hanging clothes. You will need to take the measurements of your closet first before purchasing any organizers or storage units. Setting them up in your closet can be done fairly quickly.

Look for bedroom closet storage systems that are practical for your personal clothing needs. Multilevel hangers and suit hangers are an excellent solution. Another way to maximize the space is by adding a closet doubler. This device is basically a second hanging rod suspended from your closet rod. Hanging organizers can be used for hats and purses as well as for blouses, shirts and sweaters. If you have a shelf in the closet, use storage containers or shelf dividers to maximize this space. What about seasonal clothing such as winter coats, shoes and related accessories? Move them into a separate closet if possible or else consider a freestanding wardrobe or under the bed storage for these items.

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Don’t forget about the closet floor and door. You can store shoes on floor shoe shelves or in a hanging shoe holder on the inside of closet door. You can also add door hooks or a hanging rack for purses, coats, ties and belts or an over the door accessory bag to store personal grooming items such as hair dryers or curlers or even your dirty laundry.