Get A Hold Of Your Hoarding Obsession

Get A Hold Of Your Hoarding Obsession

Hoarding seems to be one of the obsessions in the US today. It is so bad that they even have created a TV show. It actually went from an obsession to a disorder. It is hard to throw away things that occupy space because they may have a sentimental value. Many times the things we hoard are absolutely useless.

Do you have items that have no place to be in your home? Do you open up your closets or cabinets and get disgusted over all the piled up stuff you have which you shouldn’t keep but just can’t throw away? Well here are some solutions to keep the unwanted items out of sight:

Solutions for hoarding and storage:

Your attic: If you have an attic then it may be a little easier to keep things out of sight. Attics can easily have shelves and if you set down plywood as a floor, you have plenty of space to place clear, sealed storage containers.

You can build shelves over your windows and doors. Think about it, building a gorgeous shelf over a window with a curtain or cloth to hide what is actually inside. It will look attractive and no one will be the wiser about what is hiding under that cloth.

Shelves on your walls. Sometimes you may have walls that are empty. You can put up shelves and give them a nice design with little knick knacks on top. Remember though, you will have more to dust.

There are also storage systems. If you have a storage system for food and non perishable items such as tools, a car, and just about anything you can think of. As long as you organize your system, it can provide you with a world of storage.

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Basements. They are dark, damp and most often cluttered. However they can make really great storage systems if you keep them properly maintained. Run a dehumidifier to avoid dampness. And when you store items be sure you keep them in sealed clear containers. This way any moisture and dust is kept out and you can also see what is inside should you need an item.

Utilizing storage space efficiently can not only make your life more organized, but it can also serve as a purpose to aid you from hoarding too many items around your home. I hope these little tips help you to avoid hoarding stuff around your house.