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American Business Ideas

A History
American business ideas and the people whom came up with them are by far some of the most innovative and forward thinking people in the world. Americans are now and have always been, in general, very creative people but it seems that American business people have found ways to turn the needs of the masses into successful business models. Even as early as the Revolutionary War when a group of sea baring men called Privateers were in business to help support the meager naval fleet against the enemies, for a fee of course.
The earliest great American business ideas were land companies. They would cordon off a section of land and sell the parcels for a tidy profit. People were so hungry to own land they would literally race for the parcel that most suited them. As the country grew so did the formation of companies that could provide products for the American population. There were the “big” industries like transportation, public works, communication, publishing, and utilities as well as more specialized businesses like pencil making, clock making, and candle making, etc. Personal services were some other great ideas for businesses; dressmaking, hairdressing, and the like.
American Business Ideas – The People
Great American business ideas and business models have been the bedrock for many of our most famous and wealthy business people. From Jefferson to Gutenberg, Rockefeller to Carnegie, and today’s Walton family (Wal-Mart), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), and Mark Zuckerman (Facebook), these are people whom have found huge economic success by coming up with great ideas to base businesses on.
American Business Ideas – The 21st Century
Of course these are all extraordinary people whom have come up with extraordinary ideas. What ideas are good for the ordinary person looking to be their own boss and work from the comfort of their own home office? One of the fastest growing and most forward thinking American business ideas for work at home entrepreneurs is the business of online marketing. This is a field that allows ordinary people to make extraordinary income. The idea of reaching billions of people, not just in America but worldwide, that might take a good look at your business or product can be extremely profitable. Most people today already have a home computer and internet connection and it is not necessary to attain any sort of degree of higher learning, which makes internet marketing a very accessible career for any entrepreneur. In addition, training is readily available through various “internet gurus” who give “webinars” and “teleseminars” to teach you what techniques and strategies are working right now.
Will you be the next Randolph Hearst or Steve Jobs? Well, maybe. Can you get into a field that is fast becoming a great American business idea? Yes, you can. Find a product or company that you want to promote and get some training from experienced people in the field and you will be well on your way. With drive and creativity, with passion and perseverance, the sky is the limit for your ultimate success in the 21st Century’s best American business idea.

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Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a New York Tax Accountants




If you are an entrepreneur or owns a business, and you are on a hunt for a New York City accountant, congratulation, it is a sign that your business is growing. It is also a smart move if entrepreneurs are thinking about the financial side of your business.


According to the latest survey conducted on 400 business owners, accountants are ranked as the most important profession in their company. From a potential tax saving to a more improved flow of cash, accountants are worth the investment if businesses find the right one that suits your needs. Before hiring a New York City accountant, ask these simple questions.


What is accounting? Visit to find out more.


Are you a Certified Public Accountant?


The answer we are looking for here is yes, the accountants all businesses need to hire should be a certified public accountant. It is the first thing and the most critical question you need to ask. You deserve a New York City accountant that is also a CPA passer.


Anybody can enter numbers into software like TurboTax or QuickBooks, but that is not real tax services, and accounting looks like. The actual accounting work begins before taxes are due. It is about making the right and smart decisions.


These decisions are better if it comes from certified professionals that will help grow you grow your brand or business. When it comes to handling your business finances, there are four basic types of certified professionals that you can hire. They are listed from least to most effectively.


A lot of startups or new companies see money when they think about hiring New York tax accountants. They chose to manage their finances and taxes themselves. The Do-It-Yourself approach can be very tempting, but it is a risky move. Do people know this year’s new tax code?


Not only that, time is precious, and for business owners, it is money. Take out your pen and paper and perform some simple math. List down how much hourly rate you want for your services. Maybe these professionals have a higher price compared to what regular company initially are asking for.


But they can be very thorough with their job and can do it in half the time. Not only that, it is better if you spend your precious time looking for ideas on how to grow your business instead of crunching numbers and thinking of financial and tax issues of your company. Do not be cheap and foolish.





Bookkeepers are professionals who keep the company’s books. Entrepreneurs hand over their invoices, receipts, and bank statements. They record all these transactions manually or by using software like QuickBooks. They can track account receivables and payables, process payroll, and handle forms like 1099.




A New York City accountant who knows how to do all things related to a company’s finances and taxes. They prepare essential reports that are needed for taxes, as well as analyze a company’s finances.


Visit this site to find out more about CPA.


Certified Public Accountant or CPA


If you want the most bang for your money, you need to hire an accountant that is at least a CPA board passer. You know the reason why? These professionals, with CPA under their name have gone through a lot of training, and they are licensed by the State of New York to perform accounting services.


Only a CPA or a tax lawyer officially represents companies when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. To the Internal Revenue Service professionals that are not CPA board passer are unenrolled preparers. Most CPAs have bookkeepers working for them; that is why it is a one-stop-shop. Clients do not need to hire a separate bookkeeper.


What is your asking price?


If entrepreneurs ask these professionals about their asking price and they give it to them without hesitation, it is buyer beware. An excellent certified professional will first set up an initial in-person or at least a phone consultation to assess their needs. Then they will provide a structured fee based on the customer’s financial capabilities.


If they give a price that is too good to be true, it may be too good to be true. Companies will not be getting the right professional that suit their needs. It would be best if they found a more proactive accountant that is always looking over their shoulder.


Professionals that are always looking for any tax payables and receivables or someone who advises companies to restructure their business to free up their cash flow. Beware of professionals who lowball their clients over the phone. They may be trying to bait businesses to enter the door where the dimes and nickels are found.


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Shed Workshops: What Happens Inside?

Shed Workshops: What Happens Inside?

Is there a pastime that you are excited about? Do you find enjoyment in creative pursuits such as painting, working in a garden, keeping a journal, sewing pretty things or working with wood? In such case you may desire to have exclusive space to pursue your hobby or skill.

A workshop located in a shed is a place to perform hobbies and interests in a distraction-free, peaceful environment. Consider sewing pastime for instance. If you like to sew, then a shed workshop can be a private space to relax in peace and create your projects without being interrupted. Storage of sewing machines, lengths of fabric, thread, patterns, books, needles and spools and the like could be done in the workshop. A hutch for storing fabric, along with a large flat surface for working with patterns, are useful for the sewing hobbyist. You may want to purchase a chair and ottoman with a lamp next to you so you can sit all day and do some sewing.

It’s all about using the space as best as you can. Each person has a different need for a shed everyone needs a large work area in their should simply take into consideration for what purposes you would like to use your shed as also what kind of items you would require to store there in that very shed and that would allow you to alter your plans according to the same. your shed workshop can deviate from the normal pattern at any point. High quality filing cabinets are an essential element of organizing your workspace. In case you intend to invite any guests, you can think of keeping a small table inside. Painting it will personalize it.

Customization of your shed is much fun – you can add TVs, radios, or even a stove. This is an individual project based on what you want and how much money you have to spend. Good lighting is very crucial in every shed workshop as well. You can make sure this is fixed from the beginning to make sure your bad lights or wires start to become problematic. Potential straining and damage to the eyes is prevented, and thus leads to a healthy environment. It is useful to have your own workshop, and storage sheds can offer you this opportunity. Determination of what is needed for your shed workshop will speed up the process to enjoying it’s peace and quiet it will offer.

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How A Residential Architect Can Help Add Storage Space

How A Residential Architect Can Help Add Storage Space

One common problem many homeowners have is storage space. Many people accumulate a wide variety of items. However, they have no convenient place to store them. Some prefer to rent a unit to store items, while others who want a more secure location are looking for different options. With their skill and expertise, a residential architect can help you add storage space to your home.

Since you see your home everyday, you may not see the different uses it may have. A residential architect can come and bring a different perspective about how to use the space in the house. One of the best times to think about adding storage is when you are remodeling your home. You can still add it even if you are not remodeling your home. You just need to think about how much more space you will need.

If you have stairs, then think about putting storage space under and around them. This space is often overlooked and remains unused. The space can be used for shelving or a place for cabinets. It can also be a great place for a display.

The attic is one option for storing items. Many people make the mistake of just stacking boxes in an attic and not maximizing the space. If the structure of the house allows it, the attic can be converted into a functional and useful space with the help of a residential architect. The architect can help map out the best places to install storage in the attic and what materials will be best.

Various alcoves and corners in your home can easily become storage spaces. Cabinetry can be added to the corners of different rooms. Also, alcoves can be transformed with the aid of a residential architect to work stations or projects areas.

Before doing any work on your home, make sure to check your local building codes. Even minor construction to a home may require a building permit. A residential architect will be able to help with the permit process and make sure all projects are up to code.

There are many benefits to adding storage to your home. Your home will be more well-designed and have an added appeal to buyers when it is time to sell. Adding more storage space to your home is a great investment. With all the added functionality, you will have more style and value in your home.

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All you need to know about maternity insurance

India has come a long way in the development and advancement of health infrastructure and facilities. With modern technologies taking into the health sector, the facilities have become robust and sound. But with this evolution, the one thing that has also observed a hike is the medical bill. The increasing health expenses have become a common concern leading to the demand for health insurance plans. Today, you would come across a dozen health insurance companies offering numerous health insurance plans to the people. One of the latest additions to the list of these policies is the maternity insurance plan. Here is all you need to know about this recently added extension.

What Is a Maternity Insurance Plan?

Maternity insurance plan is a standalone policy that covers almost all the medical expenses that incur during the pregnancy period. Most of the health insurance plans do not cover maternity expenses under typical arrangements. You either need to buy the add-on coverage or buy a separate health insurance plan. However, you will have to buy the maternity insurance plan at least a year ago, given the waiting period is usually 1-3 years.

What Does it Cover?

The coverages of maternity health insurance policies differ from one insurer to another. You will have a plethora of options to choose from, and you must choose the best one. For that, you need to know common coverages that are available in almost every plan. Let us have a look at the inclusions and exclusions to the plans.

Inclusions to Maternity Insurance

  • All the hospitalization expenses related to the delivery procedure (both normal and C-section delivery)
  • Hospitalization expenses including doctor’s fees, room rents, medicines and nurse’s charges, etc
  • Charges related to pre and post-natal care
  • In the case of unfortunate pregnancy complications, the plan also offers child coverage
  • Hospitalization costs incurred if any emergency arises 30 days before the prenatal period and 60 days after postnatal
  • If an emergency ambulance charges incurred during the pregnancy period, it gets coverage
  • The maternity plans also cover the vaccination charges of the baby for one year.

All the aforementioned coverages may vary from one plan to the other. Therefore, it is always better to compare all the plans and go through all the costs covered in them to end up with a decision.

Exclusions to Maternity Insurance

  • The weekly or monthly visits to the doctor for routine check-up are not covered in the maternity insurance plans
  • Diagnostic tests like sonography undertaken during the pregnancy period fall under exclusions to the plan
  • Costs incurred for buying medical supplements and vitamins
  • The expenses that arise due to ectopic pregnancy are not a part of the plan.
  • Expenses on non-allopathic treatments
  • Treatment needed for any self-inflicted injury or drug abuse and alcohol
  • Additional costs incurred beyond the capping-limit

Where to Buy a Maternity Insurance Plan?

Buying a health insurance plan is no more a tedious task with so many insurance brokerage services taking it one themselves to help you out. All you have to do is find a reliable source of information and an operational website to compare the available plans. Find the best maternity insurance plan before you start planning for a baby to get the most of the coverages and a comprehensive plan. Also, decide the coverages you will need, to have a clear mindset. Take care of the premium rates and ensure they are in the budget to not miss out on the best offers.

Maternity insurance plans are best for availing top-class hospitality facilities without having to worry about the bills. Welcome the special and new member to your family in a stress-free environment. Prepare for future expenses beforehand to make the most of the available policies.