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Beware of Volunteer Business Consultants Telling You Your Business Idea Can’t Work

I’d like to tell you a little story, not because I am good at story-telling, but because I think it’s important if you are considering starting a business. Look here is the deal, many folks will tell you that your business idea, concept, or new business model can’t work, but how would they know that? Have they ever tried it? No, most likely not. If they had, you should listen to all their wisdom, advice, and experience, but if not which generally usually the case, take that advice with a grain of salt.
Let me explain. You see, I was told my business model wouldn’t work by a SCORE counselor long ago, I didn’t listen, and my business idea did work. In fact, I franchised it in 23 states! You know, I was explaining this to a friend the other day, another Franchising Company President, and I said; “I sometimes wonder how many people they’d dissuaded – because the SCORE counselor was from the Corporate Side of business and was fully-retired and out of the game, after the game had changed, and just didn’t understand Main Street.”
Another thing, you know as a franchisor I learned early on that the franchisees I thought would be a “Sure Success” and no-brainer, didn’t always succeed, and those I kicked myself for even letting into our system – succeeded well beyond ANYONE’s expectations.
There is a real lesson there for the “personality psychology tests” – and when it all comes down to brass tacks – it is human “Will” and intent – belief – perseverance and personal character that determines success or failure; that is if the business model is a winner too.
Yes, franchisors often use the personality type tests, but they are only a component of any matrix for franchisee placement that I’d use, there is just more to it than that. Well, at least the way I see it. Well, I am sorry for carrying on in this way, but you see I just LOVE Franchising, I could talk about it for 100s of hours and not get tired of it.
And I am a believer – I believe in capitalism – and I believe franchising is the BEST business model ever created in the history of humankind. We should franchise the World – maybe it would get along better! Indeed, I hope to leave you with those thoughts today, and hope you will consider all this and think on it.

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Business Letter

Starting a Handmade Business

Choosing the right product or service to sell can be one of the most important things to consider when you’re starting your handmade business. Having a product that stands out can set you apart in a room full of crafters and get your company the attention it needs to strive. When you go to craft shows and farmers markets you can usually find a similar selection of vendors at each market. There’s a million people out there selling jewelry but the ones that make the headlines and sales are the ones who have found a niche and focused on it. Find something that will be your signature and think of it each time you are creating a new product or line.
But how do you find a niche that will set you apart from all the other designers? First you should look at your personal interests. If you’re trying to follow a trend or mimic another successful designer, you’re always going to be playing catch up. Start with a product or style that you love; chances are you’ll know enough about it without hours of research. Not to mention you’ll enjoy creating it, which will come across in the end product. Techniques can be taught and perfected over time, but you can’t change your likes or dislikes. People always excel in areas they have an interest in.
Now that you’ve chosen a product to make that you’re passionate about, think of how you can make it stand out. Adding your personal style to it is a start but you may need to go one step further. Does your product have a subcategory that you can focus on and really make it great? Instead of trying to make a product that will appeal to everyone or carry a large selection of items, try to tap into a smaller more specific market. You might not be able to make a customer out of every person who visits your table, but you will build a name for yourself as the expert in your niche market.
Combining your passion for a product with the right market will set your company up so it can hit the ground running. What’s really great about the vendors at markets is the fact that everyone brings their own unique style to the table. It’s not so much about keeping up with the trends as it is about starting your own. Crafters aren’t looking over their shoulder to see what their competitors are doing; they’re focusing on their talent and making products that come straight from their heart.

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Business Insider

Doing What You Want to Do to Make Money at Home

There are so many people who are looking for advice from all sorts on how to proceed when trying to make money at home with their own business ideas. It is too bad that so much of this advice is either ill willed, or just bad advice from someone who means well. Ultimately, the choices you make will only affect you and those you are responsible for, not your friends, business colleagues, or neighbors. Make the choice because it is what you want to do, not because others think you should do it.
How many horror stories have we all heard about people who listened to others, knowing what the right choice would have been, only to fail because they thought someone else had a better handle on a specific business idea or more experience. The fact is that if your heart is not in it, you will most likely fail at it. This rings true in all aspects of life whether it is trying to make money at home or in a marriage. So stay with your gut feeling if you believe you have a good idea to market a product or service, and stop listening to your neighbors, friends, and people at the local coffee shop.
We all know that venturing out into an unknown place is scary, but listening to those who haven’t been where you are about to go will not help you either. If you were walking in the darkness and had two people hollering at you, one from behind you and another in front of you about the dangers ahead, who would you listen to? My money would be on the person in front of you who has already been down the path, not the one still not as far up the path as you. So ultimately, if you are going to listen to anyone, listen to those who have been down the road you are about to travel.
In the world of business there are so many shades of gray that can all lead to success, or failure. Sometimes two people can have the same exact idea and one will fail and the other will succeed just due to slight differences in how they marketed their idea, where they allocated their resources, and how well they budgeted their costs. Subtle differences could set the tone for your business life, and be your ticket to success.

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Business Plan

Internet Home Business – The 4 Steps To Success

Actually many of the internet home business marketers start from the wrong end of the knowhow curve. It is important to understand, that the learning is the first thing to do, not the promotions. The internet home business is a know how business and before a newbie can promote, he has to know how to do it. That skill comes only through a hard studying.
One method seems to work well in the start. Think about your personal strengths and how could you utilize those in the internet home business. Make some notes about the opportunity to transfer those strengths into useful products or services and who would be interested about them.
1. Pick The Internet Home Business Model and Stick To It.
The method in the previous chapter can shorten your time to find the home business, which will fit to you. Then you already know, what you are seeking for and can direct your efforts to certain areas only. It simply helps you to manage the huge information overload and to find correct marketers, sites and blogs to follow.
But what is the business model, what you have to select? The model means the products or services, the target group and the promotion ways. For instance you can decide to start blogging and to share tips about the business opportunities to advanced online marketers with a target to get as many as possible to write comments and to share their home business ideas.
The blog is a centre of your business model and the monetization happens through product links in the text and through side line banners. Later you can expand the model by creating line extensions, which fit to this model and will further expand the expertise area. A good place to promote them is, surprise surprise, your blog.
2. Remember To Invest In The Education And Effective Tools.
To reach a good level in the know how, you just have to follow certain marketers, magazines, blogs and web sites regularly. If Google will change the algorithms, it is good that you utilize that information as soon as possible. Note, that the internet business market will change with a speed of a laser. New ideas and new fashions come quickly. Those, who use them, when the ideas feel fresh will be the winners.
3. Outsource As Much As You Can.
Many marketers find very quickly, that their own time and energy is very limited. How to handle this challenge? What is your main job? To put it simple, you have to lead the operation, to manage and to control that everything will happen as planned. You must become the leader of the free lancers, who will do the dirty work.
4. Diversify Inside The Present Know How Area.
The online marketers present their hype offers for diversification and it is a great temptation to try something totally new. But can you honestly do that? What happens to your brand? I would say, that the diversification is wise only, when you have managed to build your present business a success and you know, how and why it is running as it is. One thing is utmost important. You should never give up!

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Business Plan

Skills Needed to Work at Home

To run your home-based business successfully, you will need a range of skills. These are described in general terms below. If you lack any of these it does not necessarily mean that you should not set up a business. However, if you feel any of these areas is going to present serious problems, you may need to consider taking on a partner or employee to handle that aspect of the business, or using a specialist adviser or consultant. You might also consider taking other courses to acquire the skills you need.
These are the skills that you need to actually make the products or deliver the service you are offering. For some types of business you will need to have relevant experience (probably gained as an employee) and perhaps some professional qualifications. For instance, no-one today would set up as a car mechanic without at least some relevant training and experience. On the other hand, for other types of business, specific qualifications and experience may not be essential. Whatever your business, however, if you expect people to pay you for your work, you will need to have the necessary technical skills to deliver a good quality product or service.
To run a business successfully you will need a range of financial skills. These include skills in such matters as bookkeeping, negotiating credit terms with suppliers, invoicing, credit control, estimating, drawing up budgets and controlling cash flow (the flow of money into and out of the business).
Marketing is the process by which you identify potential customers and persuade them to buy your products or services.
If you are going to employ others, you will need a variety of management skills in such areas as recruitment, motivating staff and team building. You will need a knowledge of employment law and health and safety requirements. You will also need to be able to fulfil legal requirements in matters such as deducting tax from employees’ pay.
Whether or not you intend to employ others, you will need organisational skills to ensure that every aspect of your business runs smoothly. This includes setting up systems for dealing with orders and enquiries, keeping customer records, and so on. It also includes time management, i.e. ensuring that your time is used as efficiently as possible.
Many people think from time to time about starting a business, but frequently it goes no further than that. Often it takes the spur of a sudden change in circumstances for vague plans to crystallise into something more definite.
With the uncertain global economy it’s a good idea to start looking into a small home business venture with low start up costs to help insulate any financial hardship that could arise.