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4 Reasons Why Blog Writing is Such a Popular Online Business Today

Most Internet marketers have blogs today. Some use them along side of their website while others use them as their primary website. This has created a market for blog writing and has become one of the most popular online business ideas.
Here are four reasons you may want to start a blog writing business too.
1. There’s an unlimited demand for blog writers. That is a very good reason right there. Chances are you will never run out of potential customers.
Search engines love fresh content and blogs provide that. The problem many bloggers have is keeping up writing articles on a consistent basis. That is why they are hiring freelance bloggers at record rates.
2. You can do it anywhere you have a computer with internet access. This appeals to people who want to make money at home.
It also appeals to people who want to travel or go down to their local coffee shop and work. As long as you have a quiet location where you can focus on writing blog articles you just need a computer with Internet access to get started.
3. You can make excellent money blogging. The profitability can come in two ways.
You can write a high volume of articles and really make a lot of money doing it. You can concentrate on writing longer blog articles and make more money on each article.
You can write for small business owners or write for corporations. If you are a good writer people will be willing to pay you your rate to write for them.
4. It is easy to start your own blog writing business. This may be the most important reason why blog writing is a popular online business idea.
You do not need any particular education to be a blog writer. You certainly don’t need any special tools or skills to do it either.
All you need are customers who are willing to pay you, and a way to collect their money. The easiest way to do this to start a blog of your own and set up a PayPal account where they can pay you.
Write content in your own blog and use it as samples of your work to attract customers. Then go out and hang out in discussion forums, or social media sites, and let people know you are available to write.
Blog writing will continue to be a very good online business idea because it matches a need with a service you can provide! The only thing holding you back at this point is jumping in with both feet and getting started.

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Drive Traffic to Your Online Business

A friend of ours is wondering if she’s just dreaming, or if building online business traffic is a reality in her niche.
She’s been searching for another income stream to fill in the gap left when her 401K became a 201K. She has two e-books written and ready to go. She’s got a unique selling point (USP) and knows what she needs to do in order to launch a website and get it in gear.
But she’s hesitating. Why? She worries that so many other people have beat her to it. How can she possibly make a significant income online when big, established companies already supply what she has to offer?
She could have been me six years ago. I never believed that our e-books would sell at all, let alone pay the rent (or expand into a flourishing full-time business). I told her I’d had the same worries.
She wasn’t convinced.
“But that was six years ago,” she said. “Think how many businesses have popped up online since.”
This is so not a problem. If you’re worried, like our friend, about making money online, listen to why this is still a great time to create an online business.
First of all, half the people in the US don’t even have broadband. Many who do have access don’t use it. Yet. They will have it and they will be using it because it’s fast and efficient.
It’s tempting to judge the entire world’s behavior on what your friends are doing. However, when you’re cooking up an online business idea it’s important to step back and see the bigger picture. Keep in mind, it is the World Wide Web.
As more of our daily interactions go online, things such as banking, shopping, education, access to personal health care records, the Web will continue to grow. In other words, the train has not yet left the station. There’s still plenty of available seating and time to climb onboard.Building online business traffic is our buddy’s main concern. So I reminded her that due to an Internet principle called net neutrality, she does indeed have a fair shot at bringing traffic to her website. She knows that:
Traffic = people = business = success
And the same goes for you of course. No matter who you’re up against.
4 ways to build online business traffic:
1. Be the one they turn to.
Distinguish yourself and your company by responding to questions and emails quickly. Offer intelligent, personal replies and try to solve your customers’ problems. It’s easy to beat the competition, as many bigger companies don’t bother.
Recently, I had a problem with our Internet service company (Charter). I chatted online with a customer service agent. She answered questions that I wasn’t asking, and didn’t answer the ones that I was. I was passed to another agent when finally the first one admitted she lacked the authority to make the changes I wanted to my account. The conversation was frustrating and took over an hour. You can do way better than that.
2. Offer your secrets for free.
Transparency sells. When you give away your top secret info, a funny thing happens. Instead of losing customers, you build trust. Okay, you might lose a few. A small percent will take the free thing and never come back.
However, A large percent will appreciate what you have given them, Remember, this market is world wide. The idea is to give it away, give it away, (I’ve got a Red Hot Chili Pepper tune stuck in my head now), using parameters you’re comfortable with, such as a product sample, a limited-time membership, or a service they want and need.
These people will like you. A lot. They’ll even spread the word by sending tweet e-mail and chatting about the cool thing you do. All of which builds traffic to your online business. And definitely establishes you as occupying a notch higher and better (and nicer!) than the competition.
Building online business traffic means allowing your customers to get a taste of what you’ve got. So if you want people to buy your e-books or become a member of your website, pull back the curtain and invite them to check out what they’ll get.
3. Be easy to remember.
Your website, your online business, has a distinct persona made up of its title, its aesthetic appearance, and its USP. You choose these aspects for many reasons, perhaps not all of them even very consciously.
How do you think other people perceive your business’s online persona?
Consider what makes you remember someone you meet. Their style, their positive energy. What is that special thing that makes them stand apart from the rest of the herd? Offer something a little different than the competition.
Just as a good novelist or columnist does, know who your people are, your audience, and then write (or design) for them. Don’t attempt to appeal to everyone, because you can’t pull that off (unless maybe you’re offering free money with no strings! If you are — call me.);)
4. Offer the 3 Cs — Courtesy, Consistency, and Credibility.
Be courteous. Make it a core part of your mission to be nice to people. Not just people you think will become your customers, but everybody. Even the cranky, bitchy ones. Chances are, you won’t remember them but they will remember you. You wouldn’t want to get the type of mention I felt compelled to give Charter, would you?
Write standard responses that you can copy and paste and send out quickly. That way, when you’re having a difficult day, or you’re just too busy making money online to respond to your customers immediately, they won’t get the brunt of it.
Be consistent. Write a post a week, or three or five or whatever you’ve determined is a good rhythm for your web business.
Consistently deliver excellent service, a superb product, or valuable, reliable information. Show your appreciation for loyal customers who have paid for your service or product. Ask them how else you can help.
If you are working with a partner (as I am), be sure you check each other’s work occasionally, if not more often, to be certain you are portraying consistency with your customers. It’s perfectly fine to express your different styles, just make sure you don’t confuse your customers.
Be credible. Your reputation online is the backbone of your business. Make customers question your credibility, and risk destroying your hard work. The good news is, this is easy enough to do. Simply know yourself, know what your mission is, and use the other two Cs above to deliver it.
Building online business traffic is the biggest key to Internet entrepreneurial success. Without it, you have a nice website that nobody ever sees. Make the effort to bring traffic to see what you’re up to, and you’re in business.

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What to Do With an Online Business Idea

The internet has opened up a lot of opportunities to earn a steady income. This is why more people are interested in starting their own web-based businesses today as compared to more than five years ago. But the big question is, how can you translate your online business idea into a success? You might be surprised that putting up your own business is much easier than before.
Perhaps the major obstacle from keeping other people from creating their own home based online business is their lack of knowledge on how to create and maintain a website. While the technical know-how of putting up a website may still be an advantage, it is becoming less so today. Because there are many options or services that can help anyone to quickly create a website and start doing business almost immediately.
So how do you go about with putting your great online business idea into good use? Here are a few steps that you can follow.
First is that you must know what niche market you want to concentrate on. Do you want to offer landscaping services only to homeowners? Do you want to offer car rental services only with a specific brand of car? There are many niches out there and often it is best that you first come up with a clear understanding of which niche do you want to master.
Second, create your own keyword list. For your website to be a success, it must rank fairly well in the search results. This is why you need to know which keywords are best to help you rank to the top. You will be using these keywords on your on page and off page optimization. The more targeted your keywords are, the better and more effective they can be.
Third, put only high quality content on your website. You need content that can attract the interest of most people because this is the best way that you can get clients or get the links that you need to rank better in the search results for your keywords.
The fourth thing that you can do is to first determine if there is enough market for the product or service that you are offering on your new website. Because even if you are offering the best product, if there is only a small market for it, you can only gain a small profit from it. Therefore it simply means that you must make sure there are enough possible customers to keep your business going.
The fifth thing that you can do is to continuously perform internet marketing or site promotion for your website. This is to ensure that you are expanding your reach to as many people as you can that you think might be interested in your business. Do not stop in marketing your site because you must always remember that you have your competition to think about. If you lie low on your internet marketing campaign, they might get a good chance in overtaking you either in the search results ranking or in getting new customers.

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Creating On-Line Business Ideas for Baby Boomers

If you want to take a look at creating on-line business ideas, initially take a look at what is out there. Inside this article today on generating internet company ideas, we’ll help you the baby boomer discover if your organization strategy can work and how you may come up with ways to make some income.
If you’re having problems developing online business ideas that will work, don’t lose hope. That is just what this write-up will be looking at. When you think of developing an internet company strategy, it usually falls within several broad groups. You’ll be able to offer products or services by means of on line auctions for example eBay, you’ll be able to offer concrete items on the web, or you might market a service to consumers. You could in also offer services or items as a partner to other organizations, usually recognized as B2B, this could be another route a, baby boomer such as you would want to consider.
If you’re having difficulty finding just what you’d like to undertake on the internet, have a look at a selection of diverse websites to guide you, decide what might work for you. The web site that we’d like to give you as an example would be ClickBank. This web site offers various products that you may purchase or choose to promote on a web page. Whenever you are considering, independent of the strategies that you would like to use, you need to take a look at this particular facilitator. You will notice what products are currently hot and maybe get some ideas regarding where you might potentially improve on the items. Marketing experts have stated that you can chose a current item and you give it your own special twist, it will enable you to become extremely profitable. If you find that a product is excellent, you may market that item as an affiliate. You will still need to think about driving visitors to your own internet site and sending leads to your affiliate web page. But everything else related to the sale of your product is handled by the originator or owner of the product. Should you choose to set up a website, and I’d say this is essential since you don’t need to worry about developing a product but simply creating a marketplace for it. In doing this, think of a way to trump the marketing available with the chosen product and apply if you wish, the special twist brought up earlier. Provided the affiliate product offering with your own service, this approach will gives you leverage to convince your clients.
Hopefully this particular write-up on developing online business strategies has given you some food for thought. A note to baby boomers, your business concept does not need to be innovative. You may possibly enhance a current strategy, if you can determine how you can promote an existing product far better, this will surely allow you to share profits with the product creator. Remember that you do not always create the product but when you can, you’ll have the possibility to make a better source of revenue.

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14 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Online Business

No matter what stage your online business is at, there’s certain to be more things on your to-do list than you can effectively complete by yourself. Engaging the services of a virtual assistant, VA, from the start can help grow your business even faster. Here’s a quick list of tasks you can delegate to a VA.

Social Media Updates- Save hours by having your VA post regular updates to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as monitor discussions that you should be a part of.

Ezine- Your VA can format your email newsletter, manage your email list, and provide an analysis of the email’s effectiveness.

Article Marketing- Submitting articles to online directories is very time consuming. Free up hours of your time by delegating the task to your VA.

Website Maintenance- Your VA can add new products, update calendars or schedules, and add new content so your website is always up-to-date.

Database Management- Keeping a full pipeline of business is critical. Your VA can enter and maintain a list of prospects and work to highlight which prospects you should be targeting with your service or product offerings.

Research- Thinking of a new business idea or strategic alliance? Let your VA do the preliminary research for you.

Calendar and Appointment Management- Your VA can get all your reminders organized in one place with an online calendar and appointment system.

Travel Planning- Let your VA book your airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars. He or she can also arrange for tickets to area attractions or concerts.

Screen phone calls and emails- The phone and email can be huge time wasters. Let your VA screen all messages, handle the ones he or she is able to, and forward only the important ones to you.

Event planning- From conferences and networking functions to open houses and holiday celebrations, your VA can handle all the details of planning your event.

Transcription- Have your VA format teleseminars into ebooks or special reports that can be sold or given away as a free taste.

Desktop Publishing- Get a professional look for all your ebooks, special reports, and written correspondence by having a talented VA create your documents.

Shopping Cart Maintenance- Leave the details of adding new products, setting discounts, and set up autoresponders to your VA.

Bookkeeping- Keep up-to-date financial records for your business by enlisting a VA who specializes in accounting to maintain your records on a daily or weekly basis.

The task of choosing a VA to work with can seem overwhelming. The key is to find someone who has the skill set that matches the tasks that you need completed. Don’t look for one VA who can do it all – it’s hard to be great at everything. Instead, consider hiring multiple VAs who each specialize in an area that you need help with.