Perfect Gift – The Fifth Stage of Seven to Believe in an Idea

The concept is born, and the seed of faith to believe in an idea is sown. Energy is applied to it, and like the seedling struggling to reach the light, work and action is required for it to break through the soil of resistance.
Once the seedling emerges into the light, it endures the many tests that nature brings, designed to increase its size and strength, as the young plant seeks to overcome the obstacles of competition for light and nutrients, as well as the seasonal threats to its survival.
After a few years, it becomes stable and begins to bear fruit. The first year of bearing, the fruit is small in size and number; the second a little larger, a little more. In time, it reaches the point where all things are working together for the good, and the fruit tree, as it has now truly become, bears the ‘perfect gifts’ and bequeaths them to the owner who, at the beginning, first sowed the seed.
It is the same with ideas. All good ideas go through the stages necessary for the growth of the idea, essential for it to develop in strength and size. Without these, it will not bear fruit in abundance. Just like the fruit tree, when an idea has weathered storms, overcome all obstacles, resisted all threats, and established a place for itself in the world, it will finally begin to bear fruit – the first stage of blessing.
Having moved through conception, action, testing and endurance, the idea is now in the ‘Perfect Gift’ stage of its evolution. In other words, the owner of the idea can now begin to enjoy the fruits of his or her labors.
The idea now looks great and tastes delicious, and the energy derived from it increases the desire of the owner to have, and to do, even more.
Satisfaction is experienced as the perfect gift returns a manifold increase to the owner, who sacrificed their time and energy to bring it to maturity and fruition. This perfect gift is enjoyment, blessing and reward, for all the effort invested into it. This stage is the goal, for all the trial and toil invested in the idea.
No longer necessary to endure trial or to struggle, the idea will now need only to be maintained, to be overseen, to be guided. With relative ease in comparison to the earlier stages, the idea will continue to bear fruit and bring reward, and with far less effort.
Sure, the owner will go on investing energy into the idea, to ensure that it maintains the course that was set before it, and continually returns to the owner the fruit they now enjoy. They work a little here and a little there, but in no way near the toil of before.
Now, the idea labors with the one who conceived it, and is a partner to the one who brought it into existence and saw it through the trials of its establishment. Now, the idea has momentum and is a force in itself. Now, the idea is mature and ready to produce after its own kind, to inspire even greater ideas that are in harmony with it.
Now, the idea is so strong that the owner can consider a time of rest, a time of reflection, a time to meditate. Soon the owner will find themselves in the privileged position to rest in an increase of greater faith, a time to consider new possibilities that will springboard onto that which is bigger, better, brighter, more!

Internet Business Idea Consultants

Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.
Words to think about, as you pursue your desire for a money-making business on the internet. The gurus of today are the teachers of tomorrow. They go from not knowing anything, to internet business idea consultants overnight, and charge you big bucks for their knowledge.
The one flaw in their plan, concerns the ever changing fads of the internet. Most of what they teach, is what they did to get started. However, what they did to succeed has passed by, and heaven forbid they should tell you what they are doing right now to make money.
Yes, in essence they tell the truth. Just not the truth which will help you at all with your business.
To be fair, there is a handful of gurus that you can trust to actually be genuine internet business idea consultants. They really do care about the quality of the methodologies that they teach. Some of those few even charge reasonable fees.
Do not turn off your critical thinking, simply because the information you get is coming from a consultant. This is especially necessary to keep in mind when dealing with an internet business consultant.
What marketing methods are they promoting? What is the long-term viability of those methods?
Are the marketing methods you are being taught, more than just a fad?
Take a look at how those methods are being used, and how much their popularity is exploding. With the amount of saturation that they are getting, would it be safe to say that they will become just another short-term advertising method?
If so, it is nothing you would want to depend on over the long-term, as a viable means of traffic.
Does your consultant make sense? Do they tell you what they see as the truth, even if it is not something you want to hear?
Do they focus on long-term, proven methods, for generating online success?
More importantly, are they looking out for your interests, or just their own?
Answer these questions, and you will find an internet business idea consultant who will be able to help you succeed much faster, and to a greater extent, than you ever dreamed possible.

4 Christian Home Business Ideas

When it comes to starting a Christian Home Based Business you need to choose what type of Business Model or Idea you are going to follow.

I follow 4 specific business models in my home based web business:

Affiliate Marketing

Product Creation

Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing

Local Business Marketing

The reason I do all 4 is I want to have multiple streams of income. If one stream drys up the others are still flowing.

So let me explain the 4 different home business models.

Affiliate Marketing

I believe everyone should start off with Affiliate Marketing. The reason is with affiliate marketing you don’t have to personally do product fulfillment, customer service, etc. As an affiliate marketer you are basically on a sales based commission system. You may get from 6% to 60% of the price the person pays when they buy through your link.

The reason this is the best way to start is because you can test multiple markets and find a profitable one for a relatively low cost. If you were to start off with product creation without doing market research first you can spend tons of money developing a product, getting the site & graphics created only to find out no one wants to buy what you’re selling.

So start off with Affiliate Marketing. Test a bunch of different niche markets, find a profitable one and then move on to the next business model.

Product Creation

Once you have found a profitable niche market you can create a product in that niche and begin to market that product and instead of getting a 6%-60% commission you can get a 100% commission!

Not only that you begin to build a list of buying customers and when you have a list of buying customers that is highly highly valuable.

Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing

Network Marketing or MLM gets a bad name with some people as a “pyramid scheme” or something like that.

MLMs are actually a great way to start a home business if you do it the right way.

The wrong way is to begin to beg all your friends and family to join your opportunity.

The right way is to offer a small front end product that teaches people how to market any and every MLM and by doing that you will build a list of people who are interested in starting a Network Marketing business and when you begin to offer them your opportunity they will be much more likely to join your business & become profitable in your business.

And if you’re looking to make a passive income, your downline doing well will get you paid a passive income!

Local Business Marketing

And the last home business model we utilize in our home business is doing Search Engine Marketing for small businesses in our city.

When you learn how to market products in the search engines you can very easily begin to market businesses in your local area. And believe it or not, it is much much easier to rank a local business in Google than it is to rank for an affiliate product about Dog Training or something.

And with affiliate marketing you may get a $20 commission but with Local Business Marketing you can literally make thousands.

So those are the 4 business models we utilize in our home business system.

How to Identify a Marketable Business Idea

New talent combines effectively, efficiently and timely with useful and relevant skill it forms a viable business idea. Every individual is gifted by Mother Nature to the degree that can culminate into ultimate ends, means and satisfaction in life. It is important you know this from beginning that you are an integral part of your business. Your personality, skills, talent and resources will play essential role in developing a business idea that will work for you and make you be in business.
Every society or community has its needs and there always exist in such environment-various levels of economic strata with special needs. Changes in taste of fashion with respect to rapidly changing economic structure and the demand for development and globalization all inter-play to alter the nature and level of need for members of these classes. At this, there is necessity to search and continue to search out ways and better ways to identify an appropriate market idea that deliver adequately the demands for value of the evoking needs of various levels of classes in the society.
You need to follow the steps below to identify marketable business idea:
Develop a Marketable idea: – To be able to come up with something that will worth a headache, you need to know what exactly is the need of your potential customers. You should be able to tell who they are and their location. Find a way to gauge the quantity of their demand in advance, and from this- you can identify a parameter to ensure a repeat purchase. Then, a good and suitable business idea will peculate fro the void naturally upon your mind.
Look at Your skills: – You need to take inventory of your skills that are relevant to actualize your business idea. There may be needed to go for inquiry from an expert or consultant in that area of business venture. Any way, you can lone your skills to upgrade it to fit into your business idea template. On the other hand, you may need to engage temporally or permanently someone that has the right skill. It is advisable you either go for skill acquisition program in the direction of your business idea or engage someone temporally for a start. Then, gradually understudy him/her, and before long show the back door.
Discover, develop & deploy your talent: Your talent is the natural abilities endowed in you from birth. Find your talent that is in line with your business idea and develop it so that you can optimize profit in the long run. It is advisable your business idea should evolve around your talent so that you do not struggle to get desired results. Being in business is not about luck; it is about applying tested and proven principles to whatever you do; principles that have been around for many years works irrespective of “who” and “where” and “when” it was applied. The law of gravity is universal-same way most business principles works.
Throw anything up under the earth in the night or day, in Africa or in Asia, it surely comes down to the earth under the influence of acceleration due to gravity. Identify the right and profitable business idea and be in business of money.
Ritchie is the Author of ” Income Edge “
Copyright by Ritchie Felix

7 Signs That You’re Ready To Become An Entrepreneur

Have you been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug? Are you an 8-to-5 employee bored to death at work wishing you could do something more in your life? If you’ve already got a rough sketch of your business plan but still undecided if you will push through, here are some signs to check if you’re ready to pave the way to entrepreneurship.
1. You’re sure of what you’re getting into.
You have thought about the pros and cons of entering into business and have carefully assessed your suitability to the industry that you’re pursuing. You have also weighed the consequences of losing that constant paycheck from your day job and have calculated the risk-reward ratio of getting into business.
2. Family, friends, and relatives show deep support.
If you’re family, relatives, and friends have been showing support by devoting their time and resources to helping you set-up the business, then it means that they are very confident in what you’re establishing and believe that you have the right skills and dedication to go through the start-up phase.
3. Have learned enough from being employed.
After working for someone else’s business for how many years, you must have learned so much already. Much better if you were able to rotate across different departments so you’ll have an idea on how the operations, sales & marketing, finance, and administrative departments work hand-in-hand to accomplish the company’s objectives. It’s also better if you’ve had exposure in several companies as it gives you an idea of how different organizations deal with problems and issues they encounter.
4. You’re searching for that purpose in life.
You’ve suddenly lost passion in your day job and feel that you want to do something more in your life – something that you love doing and at the same time be a source of income for you. It may also be something that can help the community by giving jobs to people or making environment-friendly products.
5. You know a product or service not yet available in the market.
This is what marketing professionals call the blue ocean strategy. Identifying an untapped market and enjoying the benefits of being the only product to serve a specific customer segment or a specific need. Of course you would still need to ensure high-quality products, especially if the product concept can easily be replicated.
6. You know that the business idea is market- and technically feasible.
You have done both a market and technical feasibility, have found that the business has a potential market and have developed strategies to gain and expand market share. In addition, you have designed an operational framework that will serve as guide on how you’ll run the business.
7. You know where to find financial resources to start the business.
Last but not the least, you have to know where to get capital funding and sources of emergency funds just in case your business would need that additional cash to sustain itself. No matter how spectacular the product concept is, it will not succeed without properly planning the business’ finances.