Have Your Online Business Ideas Failed Because You Aren’t Doing This?

If you’ve been hanging around the internet looking for ways to build a business for any amount of time, I’m 100% confident that you’ve seen the pictures of young guys next to a Ferrari talking about how easy it is to make huge amounts of money online.
You’ve also seen all the outrageous claims of making over $20,000 a day from all of these different “systems” for making money off the internet. Now the only reason you could be reading this article right now is because you have tried one or more of these online business ideas with little to no success.
Trust me, I know how excruciatingly frustrating it can wasn’t that long ago that I was in the same position! I spent over a year working online full time, racking up huge credit card bills before I even made my first measly sale online.
I spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of different products looking for that magic bullet that would make me quick cash like they all said I could.
It wasn’t until one of the worst days of my life, in which I nearly hit rock bottom, that I had an epiphany…I had been treating my time as an internet marketer as a short term job, not a business.
That was a key shift in my thinking that really started to propel change in what I was doing online. I realized that I had to find a real, sustainable business model that had been proven to produce a consistent reliable income. I needed to be doing what the “guru’s” were doing, NOT what they were telling me to do.
Here’s where I had a 2nd revelation!
I had been trying to promote products as an affiliate marketer for all these guru’s (and some !) and when I started to think about what these guys were doing and what they had in common, one major thing stood out to me.
They all had affiliate programs!
That got me thinking even further, as there was no way that these guys were doing all the work of managing an army of affiliates. So I searched around some internet marketing forums and found out that every single one of these product owners employs an affiliate manager to take care of this for them.
Now I was really onto something here. Just think about all the internet marketing products that are launched every single week, and then when you throw in products in other niches…there’s a never ending supply of product launches that need affiliate managers!
You can take it even one step further and look at any business with an affiliate program, which the vast majority of them have, and all of a sudden you have an enormous market – $3 billion dollar one at that.
So I set out and developed a business out of managing affiliate programs for different product owners and it took off like wildflower. I haven’t looked back since…

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