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Bedroom Closet Storage Systems Give You the Space You Need

Bedroom Closet Storage Systems Give You the Space You Need

When you just bought your home you may have been satisfied with your storage space, but now you realize that your master bedroom closet is a jumbled mess. You may or may not have bought a home with an enormous space for clothes, but you can create and organize your space quickly and without spending a huge amount of money. Before doing anything, go through your closet and determine what you will keep and what you will toss, give away, sell or donate to charity.

Bedroom closet storage systems on the market today include shelving, hangers, hanging organizers, storage units and racks. A general rule of thumb is to allocate 25% of your closet space for shelves and drawers, 25% for long clothes and 50% for low-hanging clothes. You will need to take the measurements of your closet first before purchasing any organizers or storage units. Setting them up in your closet can be done fairly quickly.

Look for bedroom closet storage systems that are practical for your personal clothing needs. Multilevel hangers and suit hangers are an excellent solution. Another way to maximize the space is by adding a closet doubler. This device is basically a second hanging rod suspended from your closet rod. Hanging organizers can be used for hats and purses as well as for blouses, shirts and sweaters. If you have a shelf in the closet, use storage containers or shelf dividers to maximize this space. What about seasonal clothing such as winter coats, shoes and related accessories? Move them into a separate closet if possible or else consider a freestanding wardrobe or under the bed storage for these items.

Don’t forget about the closet floor and door. You can store shoes on floor shoe shelves or in a hanging shoe holder on the inside of closet door. You can also add door hooks or a hanging rack for purses, coats, ties and belts or an over the door accessory bag to store personal grooming items such as hair dryers or curlers or even your dirty laundry.

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Choosing Storage Sizes

Choosing Storage Sizes

Choosing storage sizes can be tough when determining how much space all your boxes are going to take up. Couches, chairs, beds, and kitchen tables appear to take up a lot of space but can be turned and packed certain ways to conserve space. This makes choosing your size of space difficult, when trying to save money and still have enough room for all your belongings.

Storage spaces run in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to choosing the appropriate size for you, the dimensions come in handy. There are very small units that run at a size of 5′ x 5.’ This type of unit would work best for someone who may have too much stuff to fit in to their new home. It works great for simple storage space, opposed to storage for things like coaches and beds. You might have small end tables, or coffee tables you want to keep but not use momentarily that will fit perfectly in a unit this size.

There are units that run at a size of 5′ x 10.’ This type of unit works great for someone who needs storage for a small home, like an apartment. With a 5′ x 10′ unit one can fit about two couches and bed as far as large furniture goes, with an addition of boxes and other materials that can be placed in the empty spots.

There are also units made for larger homes, or people who have a great deal of extra stuff. These units run around 10′ x 10′ in size and can hold a lot of your large furnishings.

The size of the storage unit matters, but making sure you pack efficiently and optimize the use of your space is key. Standing two couches up, opposed to leaving them sitting down is a great example of a way to safe space. Once you choose your unit size, it’s all up to you to make things fit.

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14 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Online Business

No matter what stage your online business is at, there’s certain to be more things on your to-do list than you can effectively complete by yourself. Engaging the services of a virtual assistant, VA, from the start can help grow your business even faster. Here’s a quick list of tasks you can delegate to a VA.

Social Media Updates- Save hours by having your VA post regular updates to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as monitor discussions that you should be a part of.

Ezine- Your VA can format your email newsletter, manage your email list, and provide an analysis of the email’s effectiveness.

Article Marketing- Submitting articles to online directories is very time consuming. Free up hours of your time by delegating the task to your VA.

Website Maintenance- Your VA can add new products, update calendars or schedules, and add new content so your website is always up-to-date.

Database Management- Keeping a full pipeline of business is critical. Your VA can enter and maintain a list of prospects and work to highlight which prospects you should be targeting with your service or product offerings.

Research- Thinking of a new business idea or strategic alliance? Let your VA do the preliminary research for you.

Calendar and Appointment Management- Your VA can get all your reminders organized in one place with an online calendar and appointment system.

Travel Planning- Let your VA book your airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars. He or she can also arrange for tickets to area attractions or concerts.

Screen phone calls and emails- The phone and email can be huge time wasters. Let your VA screen all messages, handle the ones he or she is able to, and forward only the important ones to you.

Event planning- From conferences and networking functions to open houses and holiday celebrations, your VA can handle all the details of planning your event.

Transcription- Have your VA format teleseminars into ebooks or special reports that can be sold or given away as a free taste.

Desktop Publishing- Get a professional look for all your ebooks, special reports, and written correspondence by having a talented VA create your documents.

Shopping Cart Maintenance- Leave the details of adding new products, setting discounts, and set up autoresponders to your VA.

Bookkeeping- Keep up-to-date financial records for your business by enlisting a VA who specializes in accounting to maintain your records on a daily or weekly basis.

The task of choosing a VA to work with can seem overwhelming. The key is to find someone who has the skill set that matches the tasks that you need completed. Don’t look for one VA who can do it all – it’s hard to be great at everything. Instead, consider hiring multiple VAs who each specialize in an area that you need help with.

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Preparing to Downsize

Preparing to Downsize

In the coming months if you’re thinking of downsizing to a smaller home you’ll want to examine your belongings to determine what will fit into the new home. Maybe you’re family is going to be experiencing moving an older relative from a family home into a care facility. Downsizing is never an easy task, whether you’re going it for yourself or someone else.

Knowing where to start downsizing can save you stress that can come with the job. It may be difficult to identify where you’ll take your belongings you no longer have room for. If you’re finding it difficult to part with any of your belongings try making a list of where to place the items. Giving items to family members who will treasure and take care of your belongings may make parting with the items a little bit easier. Unable to part with a select few items, consider placing items in Salt Lake City self storage until you’ve fully decided what to do will make the process easier.

So, before you decide what to give away, decide where each item will go; relatives, friends, charities, auctions or Salt Lake self storage. Make a list of the belongings you no long have room for and label them for their new destination.

Pack as you go through each item. Sort the items into piles (take, give away, storage) and pack them into boxes. Once you have a pile of items to give away to relatives, friends, charities, or auctions, take the items to their new homes and eliminate some of the clutter around your house.

Go through each room and determine the amount of use each belonging gets. Start with the areas of your home, such as the attic and basement, which you don’t use much. It’s easier to start in rooms being used as extra storage, since these items are being unused already. There is less sentimental attachment to these items which are being unused, and already placed in storage, so deciding to get rid of these belongings or move them into Salt Lake storage will be easier.

Ask your realtor if you can have a blueprint of your new room, finding out the exact dimensions of each room will help you access which large pieces of furniture you can take during the move. Knowing which pieces will fit and which won’t will make the decision of which pieces to take easier.

Use graph paper to map the dimensions of each room, then measure each piece of furniture and decide if you will have enough room in your new home. For example, will your couch fit in the living room along with matching chair and love seat; is there a way to arrange the room so everything will fit? Mapping out the layout of each room will also eliminate the stress that comes with unpacking when moving into a new home. If you’re unsure of where or not an item will fit in your new home, placing the item in Salt Lake storage will save you from having to repurchase an item.

Being prepared and organized will help your downsize go smoother. Block out time to start going through your belongings, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by time constraints.

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Here’s How You Can Buy The Best Chairs Online

There are two types of people in this world – those who love shopping and those who are tired just by thinking about shopping. Well, only you can tell which type you are, but we do have a solution for you if you fall under the second category. It is nothing but online shopping.

Online shopping is so much fun and more comfortable than the traditional way of shopping. From kontoritoolid to car parts, there is barely anything that you can’t find on the internet. Especially in the case of chairs, online shopping is a better option. Here’s how you can buy the best chairs off of the internet.

Check various websites 

When you are buying chairs online, the most significant advantage that you get is the ability to compare comfortably. If you were in the market, you would have to interact with people and physically enter different stores to check the prices of chairs. With online shopping, the comparison is only a click away. So, don’t forget to check other websites to find the best chair that fits your needs and your budget as well.

Study the color and design of the chair

You must have some sort of Interior decoration going on in the place where you will be keeping this chair. So, make sure it matches the color and design of the chair that you are buying. If it doesn’t, there will be no unity in the aesthetic of that place. So, don’t overlook this aspect no matter what.

Request for a fabric swatch

You might be shopping online, but don’t dare to think that you will get a product or service whose quality has been compromised with. You have every right to a good chair. To ensure that, you can request the online store for a fabric swatch of the chair you are thinking about buying. The fabric used on the chair must be both durable and breathable.

Make sure it is comfortable 

The comfort level of the chair is what makes it worthy. People wouldn’t need chairs anymore if they didn’t find some sort of comfort in them. So, you must read the ratings and reviews of the chair to make sure that it is comfortable. It is a factor that you can’t overlook.

Have a look at the policies of the store

After you have made up your mind about buying a particular chair from a specific store, now is the time to look at the policies. A good guarantee and warranty program is reflective of the reliability of the store. So, you must look for it. Only then, you must seal the deal.

This much information should be enough to help you understand the nuances of online chair shopping. However, that’s not all you need to ensure a happy purchase. You also need a reliable store. TOOL & TOOL is an excellent option for those who are looking to buy quality furniture at affordable prices.