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How to Make Side Money Where You Live, And For A Long Time

How many ways are there to earn extra money at or near your home? There are a lot! This article will share with you the one and only way that you can earn side money around where you live, for a long time.
Are you SICK of the internet? They say you can start selling things on your own website. However, few can do it. Even if you succeed it’s hard, and boring.
They try to make you think affiliate marketing, drop shipping and auctions will “win the day.” All can work from home but not for long, unless you can “crown the monkey” when you first start. However it’s a tough learning curve. Some people learn quickly. Some learn slowly.
So what’s left? MLM – network marketing.
Network marketing has a lot to do with marketing. It is similar to affiliate marketing, YouTube marketing and other marketing on social websites. Network marketing gives options – it can help people like you and I. We can make side money at home by leveraging our efforts.
Network marketing or MLM has the advantage of giving you income as you get older, without having to work as hard as when you were young. I personally made an average of $18,000 a month for 2.5 years with network marketing – much of that time I didn’t have to lift a finger to get paid. Sadly, my income declined and today, I make $200 a month from my network marketing company.
The facts are: To build sustainable income, you must provide value, all the time. You have probably been pestered by someone you know, trying to get you to join a network marketing enterprise, business or scheme. How many of these people have made an income for a very long time with MLM or network marketing? I’m guessing: Very, very, few.
The main thing here is to realize this: A skill learned will earn for you, as long as you apply that skill.” Learn a valuable skill, and connect with your customers – you’ll get rich in the process.
If you find the right Mentor, you will be able to learn how to market that skill online and offline. You’ll also be taught to establish relationships with your customers, and how to generate referral business on your own – that’s when your current customer tells others they should buy your product, or use your service.
Why is learning a skill important? Well, you can make money cleaning trash cans (really) and there is nothing wrong with that. However, when you’re standing in a room with 99 or 999 other people, and someone says (for example) “My iPhone is broken, who can fix it?” – and you’re the only one who can fix it, who will get that job? Certainly not the guy who cleans trash cans, right? Now, take the same situation, and make the required skill trash can cleaning – how many people in the room can clean a trash can?
What else can a real and rare skill do for you? Your skill will get you recognition, admiration, and even a little jealousy from people who would like to have your skill. Oh yeah, a skill can make you money. For example, iPhone repair people make $50,000 to $100,000 a year. And I forgot this one – they (and most skilled trades people) don’t have a BOSS! (How is a boss like a diaper?)
As you can see, earning extra money at home in the long run by learning and marketing a proven, viable skill, can make you a lot of money. First – do your homework before starting out in any Home Based Business opportunity out there.

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Earn Extra Income – Where to Find Business Ideas That Make Easy Money

The intricate of coming up with a business idea and then turning it to become a successful venture has greatly contributed to many people settling for the easy way out, that is seeking for employment. But it is important to understand that for you to realize financial freedom you must push yourself beyond your normal limits. Research has proved that only one percent of people who are employed ever become millionaires. In short, business is the only way out.
I am addressing people who want to positively impact their own lives as well as those of other people. “Money makes the world go round”, someone once said. Therefore, making money is the key to positively influencing your life. It’s not that am against employment, but am seeking to make you realize that coming up with a business idea is the only way of becoming a millionaire unless you are thinking of illegitimate ways of achieving the same.
The internet is rich with wealth generation business ideas which if you choose to ignore, means you have attained financial freedom. When I first started doing online business, I didn’t think much of it until I meet a friend who was making real money from Google AdSense. This opened my eyes to other business opportunities, and here I am today ready and willing to share the secrets I’ve acquired in my six years in online business.
Your boss is not ready to loss your services just yet but it is time you start working for yourself. Start your small business on the internet and begin generating extra income that will supplement your salary. I assure you, within a year’s time you will be writing that resignation letter as make your way towards achieving financial freedom.