Advice For Dads Starting an Online Business in 2013

Play to your strengths:
Are you a Dad who throws himself in at the deep-end with new ventures? If so, people are probably always telling you to slow down and look before you leap. However, you are what is known as a quick starter and this is how you could achieve your best results: by following your instincts.
Are you a Dad who needs to research things heavily and read lots of books before you begin? If so, people probably assume you’re a procrastinator, when in fact you are simply driven by the facts and need to know the details before attempting something new. Be true to yourself, as this is your best way of achieving success. If so, find a niche, research what people want, what they are prepared to spend money on and create a product (or three!) that will add value to people’s lives by giving them great solutions and highly valuable information.
Are you a dad who likes to seek expert advice and tuition before starting something and only then can proceed? If so, get a coach, follow a successful proven to work programme and use the internet to set you free!
As with any business model, it makes sense to start a business that you have an established skill set in, as well as one that you will wholly enjoy being involved in. We all know that some businesses are borne purely from a passion and often that is all that is needed to see you through, but some business acumen is always going to be necessary unless you have enough financial backing to outsource to professionals immediately. However, a mixture of both skill and passion means a strong starting point in starting up your business. We all hear about people who love what they do for a living, and we all quietly envy the fact that they do, unless you are one of the fortunate ones who is in their perfect role. But by choosing an online business where you are honestly over excited about what it is about, minimises the risk of you not enjoying it by vast amounts.
Whilst of course trends, methodology and preferences can vary vastly from country to country, there certainly exists a strong element of overlap. Not only does this mean that potentially you may be able to take a business model or idea that has become a proven success in another country and be among the first to bring it to your own nation, but it also works the other way around too. You may well discover a market for your business in another country, and even potentially sell or franchise your business idea abroad also. However, bear in mind that your business will have to prove its worth, profit potential and future longevity first. Always take one step at a time.

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