Business Ideas If You Are Still in School

There are college students who take part time jobs in order to earn extra income. Usually they serve at fast food chains and other. The good news is college student can actually start a small business without really having to spend capital or investing time. This could mean that the student can still have time to study while earning decent income. If you are not familiar with operating a business then you start reading and this could serve as your training if you want to venture into something big after graduation.
Tutorial Service – If you patience then you can earn money from this. You can consider teaching elementary or high school subjects. The good thing is that it won’t require capital. All you need to do is post advertisements around the neighborhood.
Selling items – There are items that you can sell in exchange for cash. This includes craft works like paintings. You can find a wholesaler and you can sell them at fairs or gathering during your free time.
Note taking for other people – Admittedly there are people who hate the task of taking down notes. You can capitalize on this by offering your service.
Doing some yard work – Your university is surrounded by small neighborhoods with yards. You can offer weeding, mowing and a bit of gardening. Before you venture into this, read first books on gardening.
Work as freelancing – Activities could range from writing, photography and designing. It is somewhat creative however there it is quite unstable. You will not get paid if the employer doesn’t like your work.
Laundry work – There people who don’t like to do their laundry. This is a business idea that you can do as a lot of people think the washing clothes is tedious. You can invest on a good washing machine.
Performing – if you know how to play piano or guitar, you can earn by performing in parties.
There are other ideas aside from things mentioned above. Find the one that can suit your time and skills.

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