How to Effectively Approach the Cooler Market – Part 2

The 4 Main Reasons Why People DO NOT Get Involved With You!
Several years ago, the results of a multi-million dollar research changed the paradigm of the direct selling industry. 200,000 consumers in the US and Canadian Markets were asked the question:
“Why, when presented with a quality product, service, or business idea, do you not purchase, or get involved?”
All 200,000 answers could be filtered into 4 Main Reasons:
1. Lack of Trust – 76% 2. Lack of Need – 14% 3. Lack of Solution – 6% 4. Lack of Urgency – 4%
Lack of Trust – “I don’t know whether you are the right person, or this is the right company with whom to become involved.”
Lack of Need – “I’m happy where I am — not looking for anything right now.”
Lack of Solution – “I don’t see how your solution (business) will help me.”
Lack of Urgency – “I want to think about this – Maybe later.”
Once it was recognized that 76% of people did not get involved in a product, service, or business idea, because of a Lack of Trust – a roadmap, or blueprint, on how to more effectively assist more people make a positive decision to become involved emerged!
Here’s The Enrolment Roadmap:
The Obstacles again:
1, Lack of Trust – 76% 2. Lack of Need – 14% 3. Lack of Solution – 6% 4. Lack of Urgency – 4%
The Enrolment Phases is how we get through each obstacle:
1. Relating – Building Trust & Rapport 2. Discovery – Problems, Needs, Objectives 3. Presenting – the Solution (Business) 4. Gaining Commitment – (Not Compliance!)
Needless to say, LACK OF TRUST is the No.1 REASON why people DO NOT become involved with You, Yur Opportunity, or your Company.
Simply recognizing this fact, and then committing to learning how to establish Trust/Rapport quickly will reward you powerfully in the people business!
Research tells us that the main reason behind people not trusting us is that we are more concerned with what we are trying to get out of the relationship, than we are in asking questions to discover whether there is a genuine need or objective that the other person wants to satisfy or reach, and, that our business solution can help them with.
When dealing with a LACK OF TRUST we must also remember that we are only dealing with the “perceptions” of other people. Meaning, if someone does not Trust us, our opportunity, or our company, this does not mean we, our opportunity, or our company, are untrustworthy; it is simply their opinion, or perception.
This is important to understand when learning the skill of approaching anyone, anywhere, at any time!
What other people think of you, or your opportunity, is none of your business!
Let’s quit there for now. Part 3 of this Training is a critical one. We will be looking at MINDSET and PHILOSOPHY! My most favourite learning that made me the most money in NM!

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