Perfect Gift – The Fifth Stage of Seven to Believe in an Idea

The concept is born, and the seed of faith to believe in an idea is sown. Energy is applied to it, and like the seedling struggling to reach the light, work and action is required for it to break through the soil of resistance.
Once the seedling emerges into the light, it endures the many tests that nature brings, designed to increase its size and strength, as the young plant seeks to overcome the obstacles of competition for light and nutrients, as well as the seasonal threats to its survival.
After a few years, it becomes stable and begins to bear fruit. The first year of bearing, the fruit is small in size and number; the second a little larger, a little more. In time, it reaches the point where all things are working together for the good, and the fruit tree, as it has now truly become, bears the ‘perfect gifts’ and bequeaths them to the owner who, at the beginning, first sowed the seed.
It is the same with ideas. All good ideas go through the stages necessary for the growth of the idea, essential for it to develop in strength and size. Without these, it will not bear fruit in abundance. Just like the fruit tree, when an idea has weathered storms, overcome all obstacles, resisted all threats, and established a place for itself in the world, it will finally begin to bear fruit – the first stage of blessing.
Having moved through conception, action, testing and endurance, the idea is now in the ‘Perfect Gift’ stage of its evolution. In other words, the owner of the idea can now begin to enjoy the fruits of his or her labors.
The idea now looks great and tastes delicious, and the energy derived from it increases the desire of the owner to have, and to do, even more.
Satisfaction is experienced as the perfect gift returns a manifold increase to the owner, who sacrificed their time and energy to bring it to maturity and fruition. This perfect gift is enjoyment, blessing and reward, for all the effort invested into it. This stage is the goal, for all the trial and toil invested in the idea.
No longer necessary to endure trial or to struggle, the idea will now need only to be maintained, to be overseen, to be guided. With relative ease in comparison to the earlier stages, the idea will continue to bear fruit and bring reward, and with far less effort.
Sure, the owner will go on investing energy into the idea, to ensure that it maintains the course that was set before it, and continually returns to the owner the fruit they now enjoy. They work a little here and a little there, but in no way near the toil of before.
Now, the idea labors with the one who conceived it, and is a partner to the one who brought it into existence and saw it through the trials of its establishment. Now, the idea has momentum and is a force in itself. Now, the idea is mature and ready to produce after its own kind, to inspire even greater ideas that are in harmony with it.
Now, the idea is so strong that the owner can consider a time of rest, a time of reflection, a time to meditate. Soon the owner will find themselves in the privileged position to rest in an increase of greater faith, a time to consider new possibilities that will springboard onto that which is bigger, better, brighter, more!

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