Surrogate motherhood as the best way of parental happiness

Surrogate motherhood is the innovative solution to your infertility problem. The beautiful experience of being parents is waiting for you in ADONIS Medical Center with the wide range of the best Surrogacy Programs.

Variation of choices will allow you to pick up the most qualified service just for you. Individual approach within each treatment process – the distinctive feature of ADONIS.

The crucial question for future parents is always the high cost of Surrogate Motherhood with no appropriate medical service and results. While choosing ADONIS you get the best price/quality ratio with the full support and treatment procedure forethought:

  • Full examination process with high level standard equipment – ADONIS provide the full cycle of examination before Surrogate treatment process for your confidence in the total health of surrogate mother and intended parents (in case if they are donors)
  • Cryopreservation of biomaterials – ADONIS own cryobank provide the opportunity for each client to preserve the biomaterials on the certain duration (it depends on the chosen Surrogate Program and its filling)
  • Embryo storage – ADONIS own embryo laboratory is the example of the latest technology service, the best staff and reliable storage period. We provide the embryo storage on the certain duration (it depends on the chosen Surrogate Program) before embryo transfer and Surrogate process beginning
  • Delivery complex – ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals are the areas of safety and beautiful beginning of the new lives. Complex programs with the full accommodation for Surrogate mother, intended parents and baby till the complete discharge – your parental history will begin within ADONIS clinics
  • Non-medical services to make your life easier – future parenting can be really emotional and alarming, that’s why we, in ADONIS, try to facilitate your life during the Surrogate Program. The whole list of services is provided for everyone – surrogate mother selection, translation and notarization help, ADONIS own legal staff, the individual Agreement of Surrogacy draft development, coordination services
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The complex process of Surrogacy will be easier for intended parents, because of ADONIS support as mental so legal. ADONIS ‘own legal department will cover all paperwork needed. Your legal side is totally under control. The tiniest aspects as final compensation and price for Surrogate mother will be regulated in compliance with your ADONIS Surrogate Program.

No time like the present to explore the new technological treatment of ADONIS Surrogacy. The best options are made for your comfort and happiness, the best prices on the programs are provided (especially in comparison with the cost of surrogacy in California or Canada).

There is no difference between your origin country or country of residence  – ADONIS is ready to receive patients from the whole world. Visit our website to see more detailed information and opportunities for happy future parenting!

ADONIS is always on guard of your health!