That Great Business Idea That You Just Had In The Shower

There is a land where idealists and romantics are easily crushed whilst the pragmatic and sober soar to extraordinary heights. The land of start-ups is a graveyard of broken dreams not because of the impossibility of starting a business but because people go into the whole thing with the wrong idea.
The conventional wisdom statistic is that 9 out of ten businesses fail. Whether it is true or otherwise is another fact. But, the point is, are you going to be counted amongst those who win?
You need to ask yourself about the following three things before you give your boss the pieces of your mind that remain:
Number 1: You Know That Great Idea You Have?
I hate to sound pessimistic but that great idea you had whilst you were in the shower (The Eureka moment!). you are going to have to wrestle it if you are to see it manifest. It will not just come to you on a silver platter and guess what even crooks have to fight for their business hence gang related murders. So if you thought just having the idea was all it took guess again.
You need to have the stamina of a monster and the work ethic of an ant if you will survive the roller coaster you have decided to ride. Besides this you are already defeated by your great idea before you have even begun.
So do you have the hunger to beat the living daylight out of your dreams so that you can conquer, subdue and tame it? If you don’t go back to your bosses desk and tear that smug resignation letter you just wrote.
Number 2: When Money Will Not Come?
There is a bunch of people who think that their idea is their get rich quick ticket. These are the people who will give up when the first hurdle leaps in front of them. They are not even wiling to invest in their own idea and they wait for someone to give them money to start.
So if you love the chocolates and the lattes too much definitely this is not the route for you.
Number 3: When Your Hope is gone
There is a very low point that some people do not talk about when they tell you about their business stories. It is called the desert of hopelessness. It is when you have done everything you need to do but still nothing is happening. You have no clients and all your efforts are being received negatively.
You are emotionally exhausted and the dream is about to join countless others in the morass heap called the Reverie Cemetery. Will you have the courage to throw another punch or will you stand down.
The ironic thing is that most people often succeed once they have overcome this short but treacherous time. Here you will need all the excitement that you exhibited when you started on your quest. All you need is to remain strong even when you seem defeated, as this is the moment of breakthrough.
So do you have the stamina and work ethic needed for being in the business of doing business or are you just an outrider looking for something that does not exist.

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