What to Look For in Social Networking Software

Many enthusiasts are convinced that the social networking industry alone has the potential they were looking to make their fortune. They have many ideas and chase to lot of features to decorate their social networking sites. From a novice point of view some features are sufficient to meet the social networking software requirement. This could be true if there were no cut-through competition. Progressive social networking sites are akin to the latest development and live to the advanced features which move their members and cause them to stick their social network. A new-starter could not find it feasible to add latest features or update it social network over-night. What to say rules-of-game are harsh and one cannot spare you if you lose your race and lag behind in introducing catchy features to grow your social network or to retain your members-that keep your kitty brimful!
What should you do then? If you’re eager to follow the rules-of-game to sustain your social network, fortunately you have option! Rather putting yourself in cat-mouse race, which could drain your kitty, you could rely on social site creator solutions to look after the essential features’ addition and up-gradation time-and-again which they do themselves to be competitive to their clients, like you! You just peg yourself with them to enjoy the features which many self-maintaining sites were dreaming for not having enough bucks to get those features developed. You feel lucky got all without pains and spending!
Successful social networking owners are in agreement that ‘what to look for in social network software?’ should be the features which could care to the customers’ needs and move them willingly pay for that. Some features they’d recommend to start your own social network are being high-lighted for your information. As the social network software without these features could be something but heap of tech-script!
Before taking any decision you can yourself ascertain following features are available in your social network dating software:
Complete Profile
Social networking software must have a photograph profile. It enables an account holder to display not only his characteristics but his physical attributes with the use of photograph.
Quick Member Sign Up and Login
Social networking software does not allow any members to just have a direct access with other profiles. It has own member sign up and log in so that security and protection as well as privacy can be ensured.
Quick & Advanced Search
Check for whatever customer’s preference is, and if he is running out of time searching for a partner, he can go to a quick and advanced search wherein he’d just search through a particular characteristic. Social networking software must have feature that enables the searcher to come up with a series of prospects that can be narrowed down with the use of advanced search.
Media Files: Photo, Audio, and Video
Make sure one can also enhance and modify his/her profile by uploading video and audio files with the use of dating software. In this manner, profile will be more visible and in demand.
Save Search Results
Social networking software must give the right to save previous searches or more like of a bookmark in particular field. You can basically go back to your previous searches without undergoing series of clicks, instead you will just make a couple of clicks and you will again see your previous prospects.
Add to Favorites & Blacklist
It can simply add your selected profile to favorites because it will enable you to store the link through your prospective profile.
Convenient Online Messages & Instant Messenger
You should check you can send online messages to your prospective picks and can get quick answer in real time. The messenger must have the freedom to talk with each other, exchanging notes, and information.
Photo Gallery
An account holder can upload as many photos as he can with the use of dating software. This is very essential because some other dating software does not have this kind of feature. In this manner, others can see different angles and appearances of you.
Rate Me
‘Rate Me’ is a function wherein others who visited your profile will have the right to rate you so that you will have an idea where do you stand.
Customizable Membership Plans
You can modify your plans with regards to your own limitations and preference.
Search by zip code distance
You can search by proximity or with a particular radius from your location. This enables the users to make the real meetings possible because of the strategic locations. Without this feature possessed by this dating software, this cannot be possible.
Auto Thumbnail Creation
The dating software will create thumbnails automatically. This will make sure all uploaded photos are same size.
Recurring Payment System
This is the important part of the dating software. It allows you to charge your members using PayPal, Authorizenet, and LinkPoint payment gateways.
Email Campaign
You should check admin or the one who maintains a particular dating website having the power to send mass email to everyone.
Templates and Color Themes
Social networking software must showcase at least five themes that you can utilize if you want to enhance your profile. It’s very important to start your own social network.
Complete Administration Functions
Admin can approve users, photo, view stats, setup plans, more!
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