Storage Experiences to Learn and Live By

Take it from me a guy who has moved nine times in the last twenty-four years. I know the importance of having a storage facility that is run by people who exhibit great customer service. Thankfully, we see that due to competition, rates are going down. What are you looking for in a storage facility? Does the facility offer more services than just storage? If they have rental services, what are you paying for? If you are moving, can they give you references for local moving companies that can help if needed? These questions should be asked in getting to know a facility.

Like I mentioned in the outset, I have many instances where I have used storage facilities and entrusted them with personal property that were very dear to my family. In our first instance we used a facility that was extremely clean. The office manager was always nice and friendly and looked for ways to help us. When we finally left it was like we were leaving a part of our family behind.

Many facilities like any u haul truck rental new port richey fl offer many services such as moving trucks, trailers and towing, self-storage, trailer hitches, moving supplies, and propane. These services allow people to take care of all of their moving needs under one roof. These amenities allow customers to free up time to allow them to focus on the more important things.

I want to tell another story that did not turn out so great. On one of our many moving adventures we rented a truck from a storage facility that I would never speak of again. We got to our destination and made sure to fill up the fuel tank across the street from the facility to avoid the charge. We then parked the truck and dropped the keys in the after-hours box at the storage facility. Then a couple days later we received a charge on our debit card for over $100. We then called the office that we dropped the truck off at and they claimed that we left the truck’s fuel tank empty. I told them this was impossible and sent them the bank statement showing that I had made the payment at the gas station across the street at the time I was supposed to return the truck. The manager told me it was not proof and that I could have bought anything at the store. I assured him that I don’t have any vehicle that could hold that much fuel. I also did not make it a habit to go grocery shopping in convenience stores. After about an hour of fighting with these people I gave up and vowed to never use their service again. The moral of this tale is to make sure you take pictures with time a stamp and date of your mileage and gas gauges. Take a picture before you leave with a vehicle and return with the vehicle. This can head off a lot of issues when a company intends on stealing money from their clients instead of providing the great customer service which we all deserve.

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